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  1. It wouldn't be free to get down to London and then get back, possibly needing a hotel overnight for a 45 minute concert. Okay...
  2. Anyone have any idea the concert will be? Saw somewhere that it's only 45 minutes, if so, won't bother going. Ta
  3. It was a really surreal gig, that one. it might have been something to do with Dizzee Bonker being completely the wrong type of support, and the weird Feeling Gas petrol women, and the robot, and Starlight closing, but it felt a bit- I don't know- disjointed? Especially with the B-stage encore being a bit slow. It might just have been me, but the crowd was a bit muted as well. On the plus side, Sunburn and Dead Star. PiB was especially good, more so than usual.
  4. Don't know if it's at all relevant, but the Muse Youtube has put the video into the 'The 2nd Law' playlist or channel or whatever. May just be chronological.
  5. My predictions: No new song. IS is being used in the film. Panic Station is being released on the 3rd, so they wouldn't have scheduled to have a new song (presumably) released as a single so close. Who knows though
  6. Isn't the Emirates gig over a week before the premiere? I doubt the 'prize' would cover 8 days in a hotel..
  7. Gutted that it's a day after the last UK stadium. Anyone think we might get it tomorrow?
  8. 1. Uprising (Riot Intro) 2. MOTP 3.MK Ultra 4. Hyper Music 5.Plug In Baby 6. Cave 7. Dead Star 8. CE 9. B&H 10. Sunburn 11. RBS 12. AP 13. Bliss 14. Panic Station 15. Hysteria 16. Muscle Museum 17. Uno 18. Unnatural Selection 19. Assassin 20. Space Dementia 21. TaB 22. Microcuts 22. Hoodoo 23. SS 24. Knights Not a Ricoh prediction. Panic Station's in an odd place, but I realised I had missed out 14. so, kismet. I would also possibly swap Hoodoo and SS. Thoughts?
  9. I'm excited for the single, but I'm not overly optimistic. I think that the realists on the board have accepted that they'll never reach the heights of OOS and Abso again. In that sense, I'm glad that they're embracing change, even to become an experimental band, because they always have those two albums to fall back on. If there are 3/4 songs that have the standard to become setlist regulars in the the future setlists of another 2 album cycles, then I'll be happy.
  10. I've no idea how hard the song is, I was just hypothesising. Again I'd agree with the SS point, I was wondering whether the 'lack' of dynamics could cause a singer to get stuck in a rut, for want of a better metaphor. So could it be possible that the hardest songs to sing are either those which constantly shift, or those that stick in the same small range for a while before shifting dramatically?
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