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  1. Heres a link to the full show, thankfully Muse was the opener so they're the first 5 minutes of the vid. http://new.livestream.com/accounts/1753820/brits/videos/12146986 EDIT : The vid is about 5 posts down in that link.
  2. Articles from Muse fanatics are always the same.
  3. I'm a new Muser, somewhere in my 20s. I started listening to them in 2008. 1. Origin of Symmetry 2. Absolution 3. Black Holes and Reveleations 4. Showbiz 5. The 2nd Law 9. The Resistance
  4. ...But you need to mosh and jump around to have an AWESOME time.
  5. I'll start with light contrast. Â Apocalypse Please and Panic Station. Â What other two songs do you think represent MUSE at opposite ends of the spectrum?
  6. I don't think there is any correlation to intelligence and taste in music. Maybe people who are frequent listeners to classical.... but that's about it. Claiming one group of people are more intelligent from another based on their musical preference is not very realistic. The music of Muse is very different and deep but it does not share the same complexities as Mozart, Beethoven.. or dare I say, Radiohead? But I'll admit Muse has a very special way of stirring up ones emotions in a positive way, it's sort of mesmerizing and compelling. It must be subliminal messages and brainwashing musical tones!!! lol.
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