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  1. Tofu

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, too. :happy::xmas:

  2. is your avatar from Blame? <333

  3. 6 hours is good. :happy: Heh at this point I think I'm just gonna stick it out and nap on cars/buses because I have to leave the house soon and don't really see the point of sleeping anymore. :p


  5. …Didn't I just see you go to bed? You're up already? Oh God I need to go to bed. haha!

  6. Welcome to the dark side. :shifty:

  7. Ouch! $30 is full price iirc! Hell, I got Assassin's Creed Revelations BRAND SPANKIN' NEW for less than that (and it's original price was $60 or something crazy)


    but yeah, have fun! :D

  8. If it helps, Spirit Tracks is actually quite good from what I remember. A lot of people hate on the pan flute you use in the game, but I don't think it's really that bad.

  9. lol yes, there's a reason Phantom Hourglass is known as one of the worst Zeldas among the fanbase. (Critically well received though, for some reason…)

  10. Tofu

    Thank you! Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you, too! :xmas:

  11. Tofu

    Kiiiirrrbbyyyyyy :dance: I'm so happy you're back.

  12. I just want to say I love your Charmander.

  13. Thank you! :happy:

  14. Hey you! Greetings from Twitter/LJ. :D

  15. My old DS was also the original one, and the top screen was hanging on by a single hinge! Actually it still works, but the shoulder buttons are broken... how is DS2, btw?

  16. aww! yeah, my first DS broke, too, but I got a DSi a bit later... I've played most of Spirit Tracks but I stopped right before the last level of the last temple. :facepalm: I need to finish it. I'm so close! I actually liked it, which surprised me because I didn't like Phantom Hourglass at all! (which I actually did finish. lol)

  17. loving the um… I'm guessing Spirit Tracks from the artwork? :p

  18. :D Thanks! I should watch it sometime!
  19. hi Mafaaa! :kiss: Can I ask who's in your avatar? He's funny. :chuckle:

  20. my sig is from Independent Days 2000, Italy.

  21. Yeah, a lot of digging and shoveling this morning but we got out alright. :p

  22. yup, got hit hard, over two feet.

  23. Pretty much the same, really. Shovelled snow most of the morning; now I"m just chilling out, picspamming and stuff.

  24. haha, hello. What's up? :)

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