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  1. I know I know haha:LOL: I'm good yourself?:happy:

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!:LOL:;):D:rolleyes::happy:

  3. Mariana I'm now 18 years old today!!! I still hope one day we can meet like we planned many years ago.

  4. There's not much to see truthfully, bipolar weather and just desert.

  5. Oh same here!! I always love when Muse makes badass songs (which is all of them) :D Nice to meet you Emily, where you from?

  6. I'm good, how about yourself? It's honestly been awhile since I've talked to anyone on here:stunned: My name is Stormy, you?

  7. Hello! I like to see how my friends are.:)

  8. Haha it appears so:rolleyes::D:p

  9. hello how are you?

  10. Ihope to see you soon

  11. Mariana long time no see haha:LOL::rolleyes: once again i haven't been on in forever. I hope you are doing well. I can't believe that this year we'll both be 18!!!:$:p

  12. Oh of course I remember you!!;):LOL: you're one of the funniest people ever:D

    I know I thought this site was gone too but I really missed it:happy:

    I hope everything is going good for you as we'll Mariana~~~

    And thanks :$:$

  13. What have you been up to?

  14. I missed you btw!!!

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