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  1. Happy Birthday! :happy:

  2. Having been to all 6 shows so far, I didn't think anything could top the second night in Sydney but Melbourne you rocked last night. Great seats, great setlist and great crowd!
  3. I agree, technical issues aside, both nights were fantastic especially the set list for the second night (OMG we got Sunburn) but the crowd in the seated areas around us were really boring. Sorry to offend anyone but having also been to Wembley concerts, where even those in seating areas were standing and having a good time, both these concerts seemed to lack enthusiam from the crowd. Mosh looked like they were having a good time and i wish i was there but couldn't get tickets to general admin. It looked like the place to be.
  4. Such a touching story, it brought me to tears. My thoughts are with you.
  5. As I'm going with muselovertoo to all these events, my rough estimate is $9000 (aus) on concert tickets, flights, accomodation, associated hoildays and tour merchandise. Does that make us groupies
  6. Can you add my previous keep of: "Matt's smile to the crowd after playing Can't take my eyes off you, on BBC TV" It seems to have been left off this list but it was on the original one!
  7. One of my favorite songs, definately in the top 5
  8. Pas probleme m'dear :D

    Aha, yeahh, it's been sooo good meeting so many fellow Aussie Musers! Particularly ones close to home :happy:

    Ohhh, wowww, it would be so so good! Expensive, yesh, but SO SO worth it! :awesome:

  9. Hi Amy, thanks for friend request!!


    It's nice to talk to any Australian on the forum especially one from just outside Geelong, and yes, I feel very lucky to be going to Wembley, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney to see the boys (although my credit card may not agree with you)!

    Cheers Nattles

  10. GEELONG MUSE FANS FTW :awesome:

    Sorry, I saw your post in the tour thread and saw Geelong and couldn't resist adding you :) I'm from just out of G-Town.

    You are sooo luckyyy going to Melbs, Syd AND Wembley :eek::happy:

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