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  1. Thanks guys, I think you are confirming my gut feeling. I'm waiting to find out where the tix were purchased (if it was a legit site, then maybe OK). Has anyone who bought tickets from Ticketmaster and requested hard tickets gotten them in the mail yet?
  2. So I think I may be going to Weenie Roast after all!! A friend of a friend bought some tickets, but I'm a little worried of their validity. For those of you who bought tix through Ticketmaster - was there an option to get hard tix or only electronic? I ask because these are hard tix and where the price should be says "xxxx". If you win tix from KROQ, I could see them maybe not having a price. They also came with VIP passes for parking and food, but the passes say "Verizon Wireless Amphitheater" which is the old name of the venue. Now it's Irvine Meadows again. That's a red flag to me. Any thoughts?
  3. For reasons mentioned above that the setlist is short, usually no rarities and just dealing in general with the congestion of a festival (longer day, etc.)
  4. Good luck to everyone. I'm torn on what to do. I tried yesterday to win tix to the Mayan, but you can guess how that worked out. Irvine Meadows is so close to where I work, I can practically see it from my window, however, I would rather not see them at a festival event. On the contrary, I forced myself to go to Lollapallooza to see the Cure and it was one of the best shows of theirs I've seen in a while and totally worth it. Hmm.
  5. So does anyone think Muse will be playing Weenie roast? It's May 16. Seems coincidental. I hate Weenie roast though....
  6. I agree with this mostly. My experience at a similar intimate Cure show was that they had everyone queue up and purchaser presented ID and credit card to the Will Call where they promptly put on a wrist band on you and your guest and ushered you in. There were no physical tickets (bummed because I collect stubs) and no chance to put wrist band on some third party (if say you were selling them to someone). I saw some people trying to finagle a swap, but Security put them at the back of the line so as to not hold it up. Not sure what happened to them after.
  7. I still need to catch up on the last several pages of posts, but I did not get tickets either, which also makes me highly suspicious. Between my friends and I we had at least 9 browsers going and I got in at 10:01 to nothing. Sorry Muse friends, this really sucks.
  8. I am not going to be able to sleep tonight thinking about how bad I want to get tickets tomorrow during the general sale. There's not a thread on the iHeartRadio show. Does anyone have any insight on how those tickets will get distributed? The website mentions something about a chance for members.
  9. Of course KROQ has tickets... no wonder fans couldn't get any. I just noticed on the main Muse ticket page more NY tickets were released for the presale due to the code debacle.
  10. I wonder if there will be any tickets that become available the night of the show due to people showing up without the proper ID at Will Call? I suppose since the tickets were technically already sold, the box office couldn't sell them again...
  11. So for those who got in, is it best to get one browser in the waiting room and use a second one to refresh the page to skip the waiting room? Now I need to explain this process to a friend because I have a meeting at 10am tomorrow. Grr.
  12. No tickets for me. I got into the waiting room at 9:53 and got into buy at 10:04. Sucks.
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