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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pRb5-d6xec Here is a short video of the guitar. Unfortunatelly it is lacking all the effects, this is because I decided to sell the body,neck, floyd rose, MBK-2 and the tuners to someone else. The rest is left for a new project.
  2. Very nicely done man! I'm thinking about recording this song, but with some vocals. Drums,guitar,bass and vocals are ok to do,but I'm struggling to find the right sounds and synths for the background synth pad lines and effects. It would be very helpful if you share some thoughts on what they are and maybe some advice about recording this particular song. Cheers
  3. 200 GBP for the wood I got is ok,as I bought a massive piece of mahogany and the best quality birds eye maple. Fuzz Factory + Sustainer + Tremolo + Humbucker + Machineheads = ___200______+___250___+__120__+____100____+_____80______= 750 GBP + all the small parts! Thanks! Hopefully Mansons will help me to sort out the wiring... In October I will put bindings on - so look forward to that
  4. I have payed about 800 pounds for all the hardware (i.e.Pick-up,Sustainer,Fuzz Factory,Trem,Locking Nut etc). + about 200 (ish) pounds for the wood. Acrylica Mirror was about 60 pounds + 20 pounds for cutting. Obviously there is more to add on,like the frets,knobs - but I didnt count that. Lets say it was 50 pounds (max) Sub Total: 1130 pounds But,unfortunatelly the customs in Russia are very gay,so they asked for 300 pounds (!!!) - This is because I have ordered all the hardware from UK and USA. This is my fault though,because I have put the price of the products on the box so it would be under waranty. Total: 1430 pounds This is not including the money I'm going to give to Mansons for fixing the sustainer (btw,it works in the normal mode and mix mode) + the bindings and a new piece of acrylic mirror.
  5. I dont have much time,but I might make a rough cover of something later
  6. This. I have to get the perspex mirror replaced,because it has a few annoying scratches - big ones. I just want to get it all perfect
  7. No I haven't. I know that it should fix the problem,I'll do it later Mansons said that they will have a look at the sustainer and will check all the wiring for 30 pounds an hour. Sounds good if there is not much to do,but if there is - then Im fucked
  8. Â Im going to USA so I would not be able to carry on doing it so I might as well give it to mansons for a month or two. Obviously I will ask them how much they are likely to charge me for it. I doubt it is going to be that much because everything is pretty much done and the sustainer mught actually be faulty. Â Thanks for wanting to help though
  9. My wiring turned out crap. Sustainer doesn't work and the kill switch is shit - makes the pooping noise and even on the off it still lets the sound go through a bit. Â So I have emailed Mansons to do all the wiring for me. I'm not quite sure if they would want to work with a Mattocaster replica but if they will then I'm pretty lucky
  10. If you look at the ali top manson there is just a trem and two humbuckers... why are there 3 big covers at the back? What do you think could be inside?
  11. If so. Going down the guitar (starting from the first fuzz knob - which is closer to your face if you have the guitar hanging).It goes: Stab,Comp,Drive and then Gate at the bottom. The other knobs are volume (of guitar) and tone,the third one is the sustainer intensity
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