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    I've been to 3 Muse concerts now...I can't even explain how lucky I am getting to see this amazing band so often! Every concert was amazing, I had the UFO, I had balls, Bliss and Citizen Erased, confetti,...i just hope they never ever stop playing!
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    Drawing/ Painting, Football, MUS(E)-ic (obviously!), friends!!!
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    (Muse :D) Radiohead, Linkin Park, The Editors, The Kissaway Trail, The Temper Trap, Dead by Sunrise, Limp Bizkit, Coldplay, Fort Minor,...
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    Dances on the Snow, 1984
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    Showbiz, Origin of Symmetry, Hullabaloo, Hullabaloo Soundtrack, Absolution, Absolution Tour, Black Holes and Revelations, Haarp (Limited Edition), The Resistance (plus DVD), all of their B-sides
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    16.11.2009 Lanxess Arena - Cologne
    Rock am Ring 5.6.2010
    Lancashire County Cricket Ground, Manchester, 4.9.2010
  1. yes it is (i love linkin park) thank you very much ^^
  2. i like that they get along with each other so well although that is not easy at all in their business. they gotta spend time with each other basically everyday...they have to be really good friends and i like that a lot because it gives the fans a comfortable feeling as well.
  3. i saw them at the rock am ring festival in germany and...i know we all know that...they totally deserve those awards!!! it was an amazing performance and they even managed to convince the very strict german heavy metal fans (who basically came for rammstein)! in an interview matt said they'd been afraid of not being 'hard' enough...i can tell, if those fans are satisfied they ARE hard enough! and they were...considering the kick ass mosh pits
  4. hey so after drawing red-haired matt hyena (creator of the awesome white on black drawing!) adviced me to draw him with blue hair because it would look good next to each other. so i searched for blue haired pics and found one that i really loved, unfortunately it was so small that i had to completely improvise with my drawing! forehead and eyes are basically made up, that's why i didn't want to post it for quite some time because i wasn't really satisfied. but i figured that i actually can't change much anyway, because of the really small original, so imma just post it
  5. thank you very very much, i love that you like it as your artworks are simply brilliant and i can only learn from them!! :happy: thanks a lot!!!!!
  6. thank you so much, yes those are pastel pencils, it's my second try because usually i draw black and white like you. seriously, your drawing is SO awesome, i wish i'd be that good, i am honoured that you like mine i can't wait for your new drawing to be posted, i'm sure it'll be stunning
  7. i think city of delusion is probably one of the most underrated songs, i love it because it goes on and on even after a point where you actually think it's over ^^ i can't understand why bliss is in the poll though loads of people wished for it in the summer setlist poll on muse.mu and i actually got it at the rock am ring festival in germany, i think everyone was satisfied
  8. i don't have much time for drawing right now because of school, but i miss it really much so i did this one in between learning, like a 15-minutes break wish i had time for better work
  9. Don't say that! I didn't really know the Editors before I saw them supporting Muse (I am from Germany, I sadly missed them at Rock am Ring) but I absolutely LOVED their performance and Raw Meat was THE song that convinced me of the band! It made me search for more songs after I came back from England and now I am sure that i'll totally buy the CD that has Raw Meat on it, I love that song
  10. i uploaded a few really good pictures on my messagebaord profile, if someone would like to see them i was really close to the stage and also my friend had an awesome camera so we got awesome results like those ones:
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