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    04/09/10. Manchester. 1st gig
  1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :xmas:

  2. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :xmas:

  3. Thank you :happy: Haha, it's okay, I barely check .mu :chuckle:

    Yup, it's brightonrock :happy:

  4. I hope you had a merry christmas & happy new year to you too :kiss:

    Sorry it's so late :facepalm:

    Do you have tumblr?

  5. I hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, sorry it's so late! :kiss:

  6. Happy new year Paige! :happy:

  7. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :xmas:

  8. Shakira :chuckle: I know what you mean though, whenever I thought about the Muse concert I'd feel sick. On the day I was so excited and when they came on stage; I thought I was gunna have a heart attack :LOL:

    I can imagine! :LOL: I would have been angry too if they played NSC. I just about managed with GL :indiff:

    Yeah sometimes the only good song on an album is the one they released :chuckle:

    Mmm. I've always though it was a bit odd to be music judges, like on the shows and that because everyones musical taste is different :erm:

    Me too, my face will go from :supersad: to :'( at the end. Do the Hippogriff :LOL: I hope they show them all grown up with kids like at the end of the book :awesome:

  9. Yeah, I've only seen Shakira live :facepalm: But being waiting for a concert is one of the best feelings ever. I remember I had the date on a calendar for ages, and when the concert was about to start I had the feeling I was going to have a heart attack :LOL: I don't like her anymore, but I'd love to feel that again :LOL:

    That day I only logged on Twitter (I had Internet problems that day.. as always) to see people's reactions. When they played NSC I swear I haven't seen people that angry in my whole life :LOL:

    Ehmm, well, I think that too, but asddly some good bands have their bad albums when you expect them to be the best thing ever, so who knows :chuckle:

    Sometimes I do feel like I judge too much, but it's like more a guilty pleasure, not something personal

    I'll be crying all over the cinema :LOL: But I know I'm not gonna be the only one. I will go singing Do the Hippogriff to see if I'm not alone, just in case :rolleyes:

  10. Yes you must, it is seriously the best thing evar :D

    Inorite! Better than Wembles :chuckle:

    Yeah it is, but you can sort of tell if the bands good that their album will be good.

    It's not really mine either. I agree, we should be the music judges :LOL:

    I'll be going mad just like 'moar potter!' until the second ones comes out. God knows what Im gunna do when the second finishes. Harry Potter will have ended :eek:

  11. One of the things I must do before I die is seeing them live :yesey: I mean, what you said just made me want to see them even more :LOL:

    CE and MotP :stunned: Those songs just... asjjsdksf Thousand times better than Wembley :chuckle:

    Yeah, some CDs just have one or two songs, and with that I could buy something else! So, being illegal it's kinda good :LOL:

    Fuqyea to that. Her music it's really catchy, but pop isn't really my thing, so I should be the one judging people's music taste :shifty:

    Oh god I just can't wait. And I know when the movie is over I'd be crying and shaking and doing that until the part two is out, and then I'd just get in coma.

    I can't handle living without Harreh Pottah

  12. It was, I can't even express how amazing it was. You have to see them live :D They did! In a wierd way it was, just standing in a crowd of thousands of people who you know love them as much as you, it made me feel so emotional :chuckle:

    They played 22 :awesome: here's a copy(I think it's right) http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/muse/2010/lancashire-county-cricket-ground-manchester-england-bd5ed4a.html

    I'm so glad I went to the Manchester one cause at Wembley they got NSC when we got B&H, IBTY when we got CE :eek:

    I'm like that, you just hope the album is worth the risk :LOL:

    Oh I know, I like her too but I don't think you can really compare her to anyone else. And just because they don't like a certain band/artist doesn't mean your whole music taste is bad :phu:

    :awesome: I can't wait! Why is it in two parts though? Stoopidfilmpeoples:indiff:

  13. Oh.my.god. It sounds so awesome, now I seriously can't wait to see them live someday :awesome: I can seriously imagine everyone going mental in KoC or the first notes of Uprising. It must be really beautiful :LOL:

    How many songs did they play?

    Same :chuckle: Sometimes I'm just not sure if [band] has only a good song or it's the whole CD really good, but I like to judge the whole album, so I download it and if I liked it I'd try tu buy it :chuckle:

    I love Lady Gaga, but sometimes people compare her to other good musicians and they just don't know what are they talking about, and when you tell them they should listen to good music they just say you have a terrible taste :noey:

    Oh my god, just a month until the Deathly Hollows :awesome::awesome:

  14. Hullo guys So I went to the Muse gig on the 4th of September too and I got a video of Dom looking beyond sexy in his lycra suit thought you might like it. It was filmed on my mobile so sorry for the quality. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPvYHtyieMI
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