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  1. Excellent lists here. I've seen them 4 (5?) times and have never seen the following (fat chance it would happen, but I can always dream): Assassin Unintended Exopolitics City of Delusion Falling Away With You (going to watch the video right now as it's Valentines Day!)
  2. Muse announces North American tour dates. My heart races. I see they haven't added my city BOSTON I post here, begging for an add. Boston's added. I buy tickets immediately. Have another epic Muse experience. Instantly want more. Repeat....
  3. Got GA row GA0. What does this mean? Do you just get there early and fight your way to the front and hold on for dear life, or is there some order to the chaos? Either way, I can't wait. My first MUSE show, so happy they're finally touring the States.
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