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  1. I can't even register. It does absolutely nothing when I put in my email address and TM password. Using the link from the email did not work. Using the link for the website did. Now I have to figure out how to get that text if I get it since my office building is basically enclosed in a metal sheild.
  2. I just got 1 GA.. And There were 2 reserved in Sec 6/Row 17 that popped up
  3. Nassau Coliseum (Long Island) is closed permanently. Muse also cancelled their last show their because of "scheduling conflict" (but probably due to poor ticket sales). Madison Square Garden is booked on the 1/25, 1/26, 1/29, 1/31, 2/2. Barclay's Center is open 1/28-1/31... My guess? One show.
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