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  1. Correct! Thanks for pointing this out. I just compared this and the original Showbiz CD on headphones. They’re there on the original CD, but much less noticeable and centered instead of panned. Nice alternate mix of Host, I don’t know the origin of that one. The alternate scream in Falling Down is great, that was the first difference I noticed upon listening. Pink Ego Box now has a new “You’ve Got Post” voice that is different than the one on Instant Messenger, yet the incoming message chime sound after the voice still sounds the same as the old one on Instant Messenger. By the way, did you know that Map Of Your Head was remixed for inclusion on Hullabaloo Soundtrack? I noticed that after seeing the December 2001 mixing credit on that release. I went to the Hyper Music 3CD set to hear the original mix of the song, which I like much better. Origin Of Muse contains the Hullabaloo mix. Has anyone else found any other alternate mixes on Origin of Muse not listed as such?
  2. Use the program Exact Audio Copy (EAC). Insert the CD, run gap detection (press F4), then select track 1 Cave (it should be highlighted in red) and click “copy selected tracks index-based.” exactaudiocopy.org
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