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  1. that has nothing to do with invalid codes.
  2. why give out codes that don't work? false hope.
  3. two tickets for sale in MuseBay in Section 208!
  4. sorry to bump such an old thread - anyone have a real concert ticket (not print at home) that they would be willing to spare? I had print-at-home tickets and want to make a collage of this show (my first Muse show!!) and would really love a stub!
  5. usually headliners get 90 minutes (or more) to play their set - so I wouldn't worry about having a shorter setlist. of course there are sometimes different rules for each festival!
  6. I asked for confirmation - cause he could just be caught up in the moment as most people do get in the pit. Quick, un-planned or thought out texts. ...just got a text - "just 45 second riff, crowd joined in. outro of TiRO". so, cancel that.
  7. Download Links: http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/showthread.php?t=85230 http://torrents.musebootlegs.com/details.php?id=554
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