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  1. Agreed - I play in orchestras/ bands... -...since I play cello and tenor horn (any other brass band geeks here?) properly, then piano and bass guitar whenever I feel like it So i love music - Doctor Who. Nuff said. - I love science - I like languages (I learn/ practice French, will be learning Spanish as of September and i want to learn Italian) - Love to read, not been able to much recently (death by exams) - Erm, shy around people I don't know well... But if you know me, I am quite the opposite:LOL: - I don't have a preference for sport... but I will quite willingly watch the cricket? - I'm female. Gonna stop as this is really feeling like I'm just going on about myself. But it seems we indeed have a fair few similarities
  2. I got braces the other day, and my fellow horn section player at band also has got them currently (for like a year now). And it was my first time attempting to play with a brace, which was er, difficultly painful to say the least, and she wasn't well. So upon her commenting (unintentionally) "So basically we both feel like we're going to die. And if we die..." my immediate thought was "WE'LL DIE TOGETHER!":D Which she actually said a minute later. Then I had NSC stuck in my head. <cue the cheeseyness> There's my "interesting" story for today. Â O.T.- I had blue on the braces, and being a Doctor Who geek realised they are the TARDIS colour blue. Which made it better. Slightly.
  3. I had my french speaking today (it went well, after all my worrying lmao) and I got asked about music. So of course I brought up Muse. And like I said the other day in the Distracted Students thread, I drew the Resistance hexagons on my exam desk for the last 10 minutes of my English exam. Such a valid use of time, I think.
  4. Firstly, some irritating guy in my music class said Muse were "awful, and Matt Bellamy looks like a rat". To which I corrected him "I think you mean they're amazing, and Matt Bellamy looks like a meerkat. Or a ferret." I received the 'good ol' English appreciation-of-what-I-just-said' hand signal... Then yet again I drew Muse-y things on my exam desk Only this time it was the Absolution flying/falling people. So, I think tomorrow (RE) means the Origin of Symmetry album artwork is necessary.
  5. In my music today the woman on the CD said "Listening and Appraising"and I heard "Listening and Uprising" And for the last 10 minutes of my English exam I drew The Resistance hexagons on the desk
  6. Same. Dunno about the others yet, but next Saturday's episode (8/5/10) is about the guitarists and Matt is indeed in that, saw this on the BBC web page for it:
  7. quoted for truth, lmao. Hey , not posted in this thread before but am going to the concert and that ^ made me majorly... because it always feels like it's either raining, or like it is looking now, which is "going to rain". And seeing as it's September... anything could happen... Curse you unpredictable northern weather.
  8. In-keeping with the science related musings, in physics today we were asked to "define power (in terms of energy) and who do you think is the most powerful person and machine in the world?" (that's what my teacher wrote on the board anyway ) Of course, I thought GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY and wrote " Most powerful person: Matt Bellamy. Most powerful machine: Glitterati Manson Guitar Fun times, even if the person next to me just went ":rolleyes: you're so predictable". to which I replied "I couldn't NOT do it :LOL:".
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