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  1. oh, well... we can keep chatting here :D

    anyway, i'm off, i'm feeling sleepy and i wanna sleep (luckly i don't have to go to school tomorrow, but i gotta study math because i have a test on wednesday)


  2. haha, do you really think so? i suck in oral english D: i gotta practice :(

    i think i should add you to msn and skype (if you have one, of course xD)

  3. yeah, i speak spanish and english xD (i got two certificates from 2 exams of Cambridge University and now i'm going for the third one haha) well, with fluency you'll speak perfect (btw, i need practice with my english :()

  4. i'm good although i'm pretty bored and i'm seeing something in deviantART :LOL:

    and how are you?

  5. well, i've just seen your post in one of the threads of the new users subforum (and i've just posted on it) and i just wanna chat with you hehe.

    So... hello :D (btw, i'm not good about presenting myself or trying to present myself :facepalm:)

  6. desgraciadamente aun no, salgo el 8 de julio y solo son 2 semanas D:

  7. FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!!! :musesign::matt::party::dance:

    que la pases bien :awesome:

  8. happy birthday :awesome:

  9. thanks :D (or i should say gracias :D)

  10. bye (i can't destroy it, it isn't mine lol)

  11. stupid google chrome :indiff: it doesn't wanna tell me what fucking plug-in i need :fear:

  12. hi, i'm back... but the computer doesn't let me enter to chat :( i have to install something...

  13. sorry, i have to lunch, maybe later :(

  14. if it doesn't requires Adobe Flash, it could be... this freaking computer doesn't have that... i miss my computer :(

  15. i'm fine, thanks :D yourself?

  16. unfortunately, i couldn't... i could talk with a friend by msn who was in Valparaíso (one of the cities most affected by the earthquake) *anecdote time* he told me that he fall down from the bed during the earthquake and many glasses have broken :( i just remember that after the earthquake... like at 5 am i felt the aftershock and i get a bit scared :S

  17. oh, thanks for the support :) *receives hug* but... i'm worried for other people in other cities... my grandmas, cousins, little nephews, aunts... and friends who were on holiday in other cities and can't go back to Puerto Montt...

  18. yes, there were an earthquake at 3:30 am in Chile... fortunately i'm fine, in my city there weren't anything serious... but in other cities bridges and buildings suffered some damage, the traffic is colapsed and the light just came back few minutes ago here... i think that's it...

  19. espero que tu la pases bien tambien :D

  20. thanks, happy valentine's day to you too :happy:

  21. feliz dia de san valentin a ti tambien, mariana :kiss:

  22. oh, thanks ^^ *tries to give a lovely bouquet of red roses but Doris begins to fail (damn you, doris)* ... Few minutes later... *sucessfully gives a lovely bouquet of red roses*

    *thinking "why like a nervous cow? haha"*

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