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  1. *una hora despues*

    no te preocupes, yo tampoco XDDD

  2. Happy birthday tat! :kiss::party:

  3. happy birthday! :D:party:

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :party::dance::kiss::D:cool:

  5. oh, i have a physics quiz tomorrow... and i haven't studied D: anyways, it looks easy, it's about the light, mirrors and that kind of stuff

  6. yeah... well, i was cold when i send the message, now it's not so cold (fortunately) how are you?

  7. hello :D *shivers*

  8. yeah :indiff: that's what it pisses me off so much :indiff:

    i gotta go, i'm sleepy and i gotta go to school tomorrow :(


  9. i also wish that... i dreamt about exchanging, but then i asked to my dad about that theme and he said no because "you'd loose one year/semester of school"... :indiff: it's just 2 months of exchange for god's sake! also, during that time, i'd go to school, not? i'm just pissed off :indiff:

  10. yeah, i actually want to go for exchange, in fact my school makes some students exchange to Canada... but i gotta wait for next year (it's for 10th grade students, i'm in 9th grade)

  11. :LOL: awesome (i mean, the spanish convo) i wish i could talk english with someone here...
  12. :LOL: really? *notices something* were you suggesting something? :LOL::fear::chuckle:
  13. yeah, i know :chuckle: *random topic* damn, i gotta do a school work about South Africa (and my teacher loves us so much that we have 3 days to give it to her) with a classmate (a guy called Fernando) and i like him D: i'm not sure if that's good or not...

  14. oh, my dad says that the music i listen to, is satanic (he's atheist :LOL:) :facepalm: Muse isn't satanic! :indiff:

  15. oh, and why do they say that? o.o

  16. yeah, i was thinking in that :chuckle: now i'm trying to play Sunburn... :LOL:

  17. haha, i hate travelling to Santiago because:

    1.- there are 12 hours of travelling since 7 am (i gotta wake up at 6)

    2.- i hate Santiago

    3.- i always go to Santiago for winter/summer vacations

    4.- Santiago is a polluted hole in the ground (it's Pedro de Valdivia's fault, anyway, it was 1541, how could he know that Santiago will end like that? lol)

    the only good thing of the travel is that i can sleep haha

  18. oh, i want some vacations now D: i'm still at school, but luckly i'll finish this semester on thursday and then, 2 weeks in santiago (that's the bad part of this) 12 hours of traveling through the country... there are 1000 kilometers from my city to Santiago (the capital)

  19. i'm fine and bored as always xD and i wanna sell my computer to get a new one and i'm doing a timeline in my deviantART page haha

    how are you? :D

  20. mmm... interesting... i would post there, but i just remember that i get a bit... emm... melancholic (?) (i dunno the word that i wanted to use :facepalm: anyway) because sometimes i saw pics of maffoo with the 'chupalla' (that hat that was given to him when they did a gig in Chile) and i get sad/angry because i feel like "FUUUUUUU- why didn't i know muse in 2008? :indiff:"

  21. mmm... i'm not really sure, but i think i'm a pmter although i don't usually post there (i tried, but i got lost very quickly :facepalm:) haha, actually when i arrived to the boards, i was afraid of being in the pmt...:erm: for some reason... :LOL:

  22. haha, i'm a girl and my name is Alejandra, but i prefer that you just call me Ale

    and what about you? what's your name? :)

  23. Hi :D how are you?

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