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  1. :LOL: awesome (i mean, the spanish convo) i wish i could talk english with someone here...
  2. :LOL: really? *notices something* were you suggesting something? :LOL::fear::chuckle:
  3. *una hora despues*

    no te preocupes, yo tampoco XDDD

  4. ah, no es que quiera cambiar de tema, pero... por que usamos esto como chat? xD sinceramente, no me gusta usar los comentarios o el foro como chat

    de todas maneras, ya me voy a dormir, son las 1:18 am y estoy viendo La Ley y el Orden UVE

    buenas noches :)

  5. FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!!! :musesign::matt::party::dance:

    que la pases bien :awesome:

  6. haha, do you really think so? i suck in oral english D: i gotta practice :(

    i think i should add you to msn and skype (if you have one, of course xD)

  7. haha, i hate travelling to Santiago because:

    1.- there are 12 hours of travelling since 7 am (i gotta wake up at 6)

    2.- i hate Santiago

    3.- i always go to Santiago for winter/summer vacations

    4.- Santiago is a polluted hole in the ground (it's Pedro de Valdivia's fault, anyway, it was 1541, how could he know that Santiago will end like that? lol)

    the only good thing of the travel is that i can sleep haha

  8. haha, i'm a girl and my name is Alejandra, but i prefer that you just call me Ale

    and what about you? what's your name? :)

  9. i'm fine and bored as always xD and i wanna sell my computer to get a new one and i'm doing a timeline in my deviantART page haha

    how are you? :D

  10. i'm good although i'm pretty bored and i'm seeing something in deviantART :LOL:

    and how are you?

  11. oh, thanks ^^ *tries to give a lovely bouquet of red roses but Doris begins to fail (damn you, doris)* ... Few minutes later... *sucessfully gives a lovely bouquet of red roses*

    *thinking "why like a nervous cow? haha"*

  12. oh, well... we can keep chatting here :D

    anyway, i'm off, i'm feeling sleepy and i wanna sleep (luckly i don't have to go to school tomorrow, but i gotta study math because i have a test on wednesday)


  13. que ironico, por qué sera que los que dieron el KET no les gusta Muse? xD por lo que he leido, parece que el KET es mas facil que el PET...

    despues de hacer el PET (si es que lo apruebo) hare el FCE

  14. well, i've just seen your post in one of the threads of the new users subforum (and i've just posted on it) and i just wanna chat with you hehe.

    So... hello :D (btw, i'm not good about presenting myself or trying to present myself :facepalm:)

  15. yeah :indiff: that's what it pisses me off so much :indiff:

    i gotta go, i'm sleepy and i gotta go to school tomorrow :(


  16. yes, my profile says that i'm from Chile

    why do you ask?

  17. aahh, yo por coincidencia me meti a este foro el dia despues de haber dado la prueba PET, espero que me haya ido bien xD

  18. ah, yo he hecho uno de los YLE (movers, para ser exacta) y PET y yo tambien estoy en ingles avanzado :D

  19. bye (i can't destroy it, it isn't mine lol)

  20. desgraciadamente aun no, salgo el 8 de julio y solo son 2 semanas D:

  21. espero que tu la pases bien tambien :D

  22. feliz año nuevo :)

  23. feliz dia de san valentin a ti tambien, mariana :kiss:

  24. gracias ^^ feliz navidad a ti tambien

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