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  1. Hi! Great gig indeed! I've been looking for pictures and here's what I found! Almost none of the crowd, sadly, so if someone has any please share! I like to see my face when I make it to the first row http://basel.usgang.ch/picture.php?n=529341 http://ch.tilllate.com/en/photoalbum/overview/10607069#p1 Cheers!
  2. Well I just feel like the medias decide who to give promotion, and it's rarely the ones who got talent ... ^^' That Muse are on TV is great, but now they have new fans not very interested on what they did before. ;]
  3. I agree with that, but the "quite cool" thing is that now people won't vote for them telling themselves that they will play them anyway... Thanks that some other songs like Space Dementia or Showbiz are getting plenty of voices... ! =)
  4. +1 Just think ... On one hand they have to play oldies and famous ones for the people that went to see them for the firts times. On the other hand there are fans who want their favourite ones (not thre same for everyone) and certainly not the ones that the majority knows. They can't make everyone happy. Well in faxct they can make me happy keeping on tour so I won't criticize. =P (sorry for my bad English xD)
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