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    In start I want to say it's I go to my sweet school in which I learn a lot of Polish (unfortunately), English (enjoy), French (less enjoy), and many others. Secoundly I play on fiddle, guitar and a little piano ( I propably say all but I don't think so). What's more..I just listen Muse with my best friend Carolin ;) And my the biggest feature it's I speak to much ( it's very important)
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    Somewhere close Katowice, Poland
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    In most music, but I like art too ( drawing and painting, but drawing more)
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    Once I used to listen Green Day ( in massive dose) but not now. Now I usually listen beside Muse, Arctic Monkeys, and a little Placebo, and maybe I could say that I listen The Beatles but it's single songs.Oh, sorry and I listen much classic music.
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    I have to think about it. Probably HP, but Transformers was good too, what's more..I don't know.
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    House M.D (it's must be first), Vampier's Diares, and in Poland we have serial which names 'Londyńczycy' ( trans. London's People (it's horrible)) it's about people who's live in London but they aren't English. They emigrating to London because they want to work there etc. Destnation of this is ' how Polish live in England ?' etc.I watching this only because there is one handsome actor and..it's long story, this just my own psycho.
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    I think Harry Potter, I began read with it ( When I was seven).
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    Absolution, Supermassive Black Hole and Revelations and two copies of H.A.A.R.P
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    Coke Live Music Festival - 21st August !
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  1. This is two parts of my art with Musey inspirations which was doing a long time ago,really. (Probably on Polish's double lesson on Wednesday....drawing is one of this things which I do in order to not fall asleep < we have terrible grammar in polish >) Sorry about it's a little big but when I got it smaller it wasn't the same good as it was in a big format Hope you enjoy it ! Btw sorry about my English I know it sucks..;p
  2. Hope you like it Sorry for size but with smaller it isn't the same quality. I do it when 7 ( yes, magic numer) children ( my sister's guests) with plenty of power want prevent me in it so maybe it's not the best of my works but I think it's not the worst also.
  3. Thank you so much that you add this here ..Yes, when I looked on it I though about how many nights I'll have to dedicate to learn it ...bloody beautiful..
  4. I just want to say that it's great..and a bit..sweet..I think Yeah, Matt: 'Dear Sant, I want...' I wish you Happy New Year and a lot of inspirations in your amused series too
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