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  1. I wonder if the band get bored of playing the same songs over and over.
  2. I like the game things alot, they're interesting. :D

  3. Just added :)

  4. Hey, have you got msn?


    Fran xo

  5. I'm new around here and so I just saw these cartoons! Â They're absolutely hilarious and brilliant and you definitely captured the band's personalities perfectly. Â I'm so happy you got to give them to them!
  6. Mostly around Banter and Other Muse Topics. :D


    Fran x

  7. Honestly I'm a bit here, there everywhere.

    Mostly on PMT. :D

    Usually in the 'Other Muse Topics' but anywhere really. (:


    Yourself? :D



  8. No problem. :) So, where do you normally post on the forum, like, what threads do you normally hang around in?


    Fran x

  9. Thankyou for accepting. :D

  10. eva_griffin@hotmail.com :)

    Sorry it took me a while to get back to you - I haven't been on!

    Eva xx

  11. Hey, what's your msn? :D

    Fran xx

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