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    Muse...like, seriously, I'm not even joking...Hot Chip, Snow Patrol, Fall Out Boy, Calvin Harris, Chopin, Rage Against The Machine, MGMT, You Me At Six, 30 seconds to mars
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    London Earls Court 2004, NEC Birmingham 2006, Wembley Stadium September 11 2010
  1. I had to sit in a different spot in English at college today. Some people had carved their names into the desk quite close together. Their names were 'Dom' and 'Chris'. I moved my folder and found a 'Matt'. It was actually a little creepy.
  2. Had a dream where I was the bridesmaid at Matt and KH's wedding (must. stop. dreaming. about. their. wedding.) but I was really really late and the ceremony had already started. I think it was taking place at Notre Dame cathedral; it had some sort of significance to them in my dream but I can't remember what it was. Anyway, there were guards at a wide perimeter around the cathedral and they wouldn't let me in. "But I'm the bridesmaid! You've got to let me in!" I explained "If you're the bridesmaid, why are you so late?" "I over slept, I do it a lot!" We argued in a similar manner for another few minutes but he still wouldn't let me in, so I decided to just wait for the ceremony to be over as I didn't have much choice. Just then, a group of crazed Muse fans ran up shouting about how they were going to stop the wedding because K had 'corrupted' him, or something. At this point I wanted nothing more than to go in with them and kick some arse (I wasn't in the best mood), but instead I decided to repay Matt for being late by rugby-tackling the leader. Then I woke up, in an oddly good mood.
  3. Had a dream where I was Skulduggery Pleasant's side kick. He was going on a live show presented by Ant and Dec and Muse were on it as well, and I got a free ticket to be in the audience. At some point they needed a volunteer on stage, and Muse came into the crowd to pick someone. I was screaming like fuck, much like everyone else was, but they didn't hear me I think Matt and I made eye contact, though. Anyway, after they'd picked a volunteer and gone back on stage, a runner from the show leaned over and said, 'I like your style. You're a real Muse fan, aren't you?' I smiled and nodded, and he promised to get me backstage when it was all over. Then I woke up. Strange dream.
  4. Had a dream about Matt a couple of nights ago. He was my most recent ex (probably because I recently decided I didn't fancy him any more), and he was having a 'gathering' at his house to which I was invited. I was running all through his house, trying urgently to find him before he married KH because I needed to tell him I still loved him. As I was searching I happened across one of my friends who gave me a magazine clipping which said that Matt had in fact already married KH. (shite!) I eventually found him, but couldn't bring myself to tell him that I still had feelings for him and ruin his marriage, so instead (for some inexplicable reason) I asked him to dance. He consented, and we danced a waltz in his hallway until a load of reporters from NME arrived to give Matt an interview. I found one of my other friends, who got really angry at me for not telling him. "You should be together!" she was saying, "KH doesn't even love him!" I resolved to find and woo him, but unfortunately woke up before I could do so. Bummer. Incidentally, the waltz we danced was more-or-less exactly the same as the one the Baron and Haru dance in The Cat Returns. Not entirely sure why this is.
  5. Had a Muse dream on...saturday. I was at a Muse gig with my family, but it was in a really small bar and they were just getting ready. I was sat on a sofa watching them set up their equipment. Matt decided to be lazy and wandered over and sat next to me. We chatted for a while about random stuff. I remember asking if he had any false teeth () he replied, "yeah, just two" "Oh, is that from when you smacked your face with the seven string, or...?" "Yeah." he giggled as he remembered. "that was a weird night." At that moment Dom and Chris called over to Matt to say they were ready. They only played one song, which I remember sounding like Muscle Museum, although I was thinking it was Bliss, and afterwards people said it was Knights of Cydonia. ANYWAY (after a month-long pause), during the gig Matt came off the stage and walked up to a girl sat next to me. (everyone else was standing) He was still playing the guitar and he sang the song right into her face, because she had said before that she didn't know any of the lyrics to Muse's songs. She gave Matt a filthy look and walked away, but Matt didn't seem overly bothered. After the gig, everyone milled around and WHINED. Oh, Gods, how they moaned and bitched, saying it was a terrible gig and that it wasn't the same feeling as their other gigs. I was looking around in disbelief and saying, "For crying out loud, they played ONE SONG!" but no-one wanted to liiiiisten. (XD)
  6. I was a zombie cat. I would've dressed like Matt, but that's how I dress normally, so... XD
  7. I got cornered by two stormtroopers outside Game on saturday. I could think about nothing else but Dom.
  8. Had the STRANGEST Muse dream last night, but it's a bit involved so bear with me. Right. Me, Matt and Dom (my dream #needsmorechris ) amongst many other people, were part of an entirely different culture where we live in big clans. Every year we had a special festival, which had come around again. It was basically a big feast, with entertainment afterwards like minstrels and troubadors, and everybody wore a cloak and a helmet. Each cloak and helmet was unique to it's wearer so you knew who you were talking to. And there was a special ritual which involved Matt. Here's where it gets even weirder. In my dream Matt was half-human, half some alien race that could see into the future. So every year we'd perform this ritual to look into the future and see what it held for our clan. It involved cutting Matt open to let out his 'magic'. Every year someone was chosen to perform the ritual on Matt, which was a great honour, and this year I was chosen. At first I was excited because my clan obviously held me in high esteem to choose me, but as I was painting Matt's face (It was a magical protective tattoo to stop his 'alien' side taking over his body-don't ask), I started to doubt it. I was thinking "This ritual's stupid. Why should I slice open someone I barely know?". I led Matt outside to where the rest of the clan were sat in a big circle and sat him on the chair in the middle, then took the ritual knife out. But I refused to cut Matt. Everyone was shouting at me, because not performing the ritual when you've been chosen is a big taboo, and I snapped the knife in half, flung it down and ran home. When I got back I curled up on my sofa and worried. I was practically in tears, because leaving the festival without good reason is almost as bad as not performing the ritual. I was terrified that my clan would disown me, as they'd throw me out and I'd most likely starve to death. There was a knock on my front door, and when I answered it it was Matt! He saw immediately how upset I was and gave me a hug Then he said not to worry, he thought it was a stupid ritual too, and besides, he didn't even need the ritual to see the future, they just do it for show. I invited him in for a cup of tea, and I said, "Well, what do we do now? We can't go back, they'll be so angry with us." we drank some more tea. "I suppose we could spray-paint our helmets black, we might get five minutes at the buffet before we're recognised." (Matt found this funny, honestly.) Matt drank a little more of his tea, then stopped and said, "I have an Idea..." Then I woke up. And I will never know what his big idea was...
  9. Salutations to all, and many warm greetings to the new PMTers! Whom I missed joining, of course A jolly good job from everybody! How are we all this fine (but freezing) morning?
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