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    not much to say, came here to share my love for Muse =)
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    Muse, Biffy Clyro, Incubus, System Of A Down, Disturbed
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    Absolution, Black Holes + Revelations, The Resistance, Showbiz, Origin of Symmetry, Neutron Star Collision
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    Wembley 10/09/10
  1. I found the site where they've put down the prohibited objects and it doesn't say anything about laptops, I guess I'll just try and have them store it if I can't bring it in.
  2. Hi, does anyone know if I can take a laptop in a backpack? I have seats in the stadium. I don't really want to leave it in my weird hotel.
  3. Hey, does anyone know when people are let in? It doesn't say it on the ticket..
  4. The seated tickets aren't numbered so there will be queuing for me
  5. Aus dem Saarland ist die Loreley auch gut erreichbar Kann ich mir das Flugticket nach Berlin sparen :-P Jetzt nur hoffen, dass sich das Konzert nicht mit dem Tomorrowland-Festival überschneidet
  6. I have seated tickets and I don't know when we'll queue.. It depends on the wheather I guess... Probably won't be necessary to queue more than 2 hours I hope.
  7. Hey SebasD.. Prelouse is the standing area. Are you worrying about the gate because you want to get to the front?
  8. Due to my lack of typing abilities I'll be attending this one instead of Saturday
  9. Naaah I'm fine with Friday and it's in Block D5 so that's ok for me
  10. So now I got through... It didn't work because I copy-pasted the code... no more tickets for Saturday.. I got ones for Friday now, but it doesn't say where (which block) they are...that sucks :/
  11. Did anyone get through? It's stuck after filling in my member code -.-
  12. As far as I've experienced, it takes between 10 and 30 Minutes, depending on what kind of tickets you're buying.
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