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  1. Yes they have only just finished playing UK, and yes they have most of the world left to play, but the gig I went to was just that good I already want to re-live it!!!!! Does anyone know if there are plans for a Resistance Tour DVD a la Absolution DVD?
  2. I have to be honest - my first impressions of the Resistance were not great. I couldn't make head nor tail of it and it seemed a confused mix of some of the best and worst bits of Muse's previous work. But when I saw the songs live it all made sense - they just work infront of big crowds and I have to say some of the songs I thought were weak on the album were among my favourite of the night. I could not give this five stars because that would put it on par with Origin of Symmetry - which is a work of pure genius - but I think a four is more appropriate.
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