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  1. Was there still a green slot on the roulette during the stadium shows so far? Also, did anyone else think Unintended and Blackout sounded dreadful? Was a few rows back (maybe 4 or 5) on Matt's side and all I could hear was horrible bass buzzing...
  2. Dreading survival Heard it over the sound system at the football and it sounded awful... Maybe the sound system will be better this time round though Otherwise Matt better bring his A game vocally
  3. FLOOR ROLL CALL agenthal + 1 (Jung) Muse_Fan_2007 Ryoma-kun Phil2211 GSMU7 Bella79 Jamie™ LyraSilvertongue 1 Bucket Mapoftheglorious Ben93 platty1907 SEATS ROLL CALL WutDaFucksy Nattatouille (Block 110, row D) Bellapod (Block 402, Row P) Alesi08 Amaurea + 2 friends (Block 110, row T)
  4. The name/card number on tickets set up works very well. I've had it for Arctic Monkeys and Red Hot Chili Peppers concerts. The only problem arises when parents buy their kids tickets so the card number and name is that of the parent and not the child going to the concert.
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