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  1. Hey there!


    Hope everything is lookin ok for the trip. Packed yet?? LOL. I was wondering - where are you renting a car from? Ben and I are having a heck of a time finding one. Wouldn't happen to have any room left in yours would you?

  2. Hey there!

    We haven't chatted for awhile! Life gets too busy and then suddenly Muse connects us all again :) I was curious what your plans were for the concerts that have all been announced? I know oyu are going to Lolla but are you going to do the Indy show? Kansas? Outside lands?

    Life been good to you?

  3. Icky on the delayed flight. It's always such a risk flying these days. And when you have to make a connecting flight...well anyways, glad your back safe! Hows the weather in Seattle? Got back to Bismarck and it has turned all cold here. Getting down to 25ish tonight. We were all so lucky with the weather in Ohio!


    No rush on the audio, just was curious :) Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Hi from North Dakota! :) Hope you got back home ok. It was so hard to resume normal life after Cincin. A needed vacation with an Amazing Muse experience...but I just wish it could have been longer. We will all just have to start saving up for Lolla! :) I was just wondering if you were going to be able to post some audio from the Cincin concert? I had tried to take some but my camera was quickly losing juice and didn't want to focus...anyway...


    I hope you are doing well, It was great to chat with ya and soak up all your Muse knowledge! :)


  5. 7 tickets! Wow! I'm trying to decide what to do since they moved the Ohio shows. Grrr. A friend and I were going to do the back to back Columbus/Cincinnati shows...it was a Friday/Sat...perfect plane tickets and hotel and bam...pooie. Now it's a Monday/Tuesday and I don't have enough personal days to do both shows...the plane tickets will go up in cost...waaahhh


    LOL Enough complaining? :) I hope the Cities show is grand!

  6. Did you get good tickets?

  7. Not bad but not good either...no Muse comin round here :)

    The RFID tags - Nope, we don't use em. Not really even sure what they are to be honest.

  8. Hi. Thanks for visiting. But I am not here. Cause...I am in my steampunk library in the skyship. So...leave me a msg. Yep.

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