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  1. They are greedy thieving gits!!!!!!!!
  2. Really happy about the extra Manchester gig as I can now take both of my girls on the weekend gigs without affecting College and Uni for them. Two nights at Manchester and then the first two O2 gigs for me and the wife. Bring it on!!
  3. I recorded the beginning and New Born plus snippets from a few other tracks at Leeds in HD. I also recorded the full gig audio and would be happy to pass on these for a DVD. I will be posting the Audio on musebootlegs.com when I've dine the artwork.
  4. I am sure all of us are grateful to mapoftheglorious for putting this DVD together and sharing it with us on musebootlegs. As some contributers in GB have been given copies, this must mean that it is ready to be sent to musebootlegs and will be downloadable shortly. This was the best gig I've been to so I am really looking forward to this, however, I would rather have it 'right' and wait for it then have it rushed together and not do the gig justice. I think we need to chill out a bit and wait till it comes. At least people are excited about this!
  5. Hi. I have done some artwork. If you are interested, please give me the names of all the videographers so I can add them to the credits. If you want graphics or text font, size etc or band photos adding, let me know. Link is Cheers.
  6. Dee3dee thanks a million for this (and your dad, what a star). I can convert the audio and re encode as flac if you want. If not no problem. The TZ 10 is a cracking camera but your dad has excelled himself with the video and patience. This was the best gig I have been to. I took my eldest daughter too. This was her first gig and all other concerts are going to somewhat lame after this. I will give her a copy of this as a keepsake. Cheers.
  7. Thanks for taking the trouble to do this. I wish I had taken my camcorder so you could have used the footage. I have never recorded Muse but do record other bands. I dont want anything to spoil the gig. Last saturday was the best gig of my life. I am old (45) and have seen many bands in their prime, (U2, Sex Pistols, Prodigy etc) but nothing compared to this gig. Trully brilliant. Far better than last week at Manchester. Thanks for the click track recording too. What do you use? I use a Sony MD recorder but am thinking of getting an Edirol R09.
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