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  1. So I don't know if I posted my Chris tattoo on here, but here is it. Please be gentle on the comments please.... Chris Wolstenholme tattoo by karinvisser79, on Flickr
  2. My first Muse tattoo was from my hip till my breast. So no small things for me to start with but it also helped that I had tattoo's already. I now have 5 musey tattoo's. Last one I got was from december. A tribute to Chris and his blue bass.
  3. Love Butterflies & Hurricanes. That's my first Muse tattoo. I now have 5 Musey tattoo's. Last one was a dedication to Chris. This summer I'm getting a tattoo at the same shop as Chris had his ones in 2009. Looking forward to it. It has to do sth with Muse but it has nothing today with their music. Looking forward to your tattoo!
  4. Holy shit!! Amazing tattoo!! Really love it!! You have certainly a great tattoo artist!
  5. Tomorrow I'm getting my Muse tattoo!! So excited!!! Will show it later.....
  6. Twee keer gezien!! Afgelopen vrijdag een Muser meeting voor de fim gedaan in Amsterdam. Was erg leuk! Volgende keer hier ook maar even neerzetten voor als er mensen zijn van die forum die ook willen gaan!
  7. Is this the healed pic? I saw it on FB. Love the addition.
  8. Got my Bliss tattoo last Thursday with my best friend! Love it! Want another one on my other wrist too!! blisstattoo by wolstenmusekarin, on Flickr
  9. I guess he wore that Summer Sonic in Japan Thank you will see if I can buy the one with the stars....
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