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  1. More likely to be Roger Waters at this point I'm afraid; an announcement for the UK stuff is expected following the european stadium dates. I wouldn't expect Muse stadium dates until the new year.
  2. If Coldplay are £50-55 for an arena tour, and Rush/Radiohead £65-75, you can bet Muse will be wanting to charge the same. A damned shame if true. Personally, I'd be a lot happier if they reduced the theatrics and made it cheaper so I don't look at each new announcement with sheer dread - and this is coming from the man who desperately wants to see Roger Water's current tour of 'The Wall' and considers The Flaming Lips the pinnacle of a live show.
  3. Loveless is amazing.

  4. HAHAHAHA. Yep, sounds about right for Glenn Beck. How can Amercians put up with him? Just how?
  5. A one-off show(or at least very limited tour) with an orchestra. I've made a few trade-offs between my perfect setlist and getting the most out of the orchestra (although this would be a top-class setlist for me regardless). Although I've added the odd riff, others would be fitted in as and where they're good. 1. Take A Bow (Orchestra Intro) 2. Hysteria 3. Showbiz 4. Map of the Problematique 5. City Of Delusion 6. Butterflies & Hurricanes 7. Citizen Erased 8. United States of Eurasia 9. Hoodoo 10. Sunburn 11. Undisclosed Desires 12. Blackout 13. Resistance 14. Starlight 15. Time Is Running Out 16. Megalomania 17. Unnatural Selection (Pipe Organ Intro) Encore 1: 18. Exogenesis Part 1: Overture 19. Exogenesis Part 2: Redemption 20. Exogenesis Part 3: Cross-Pollination (Classical Riffs) Encore 2: 21. Bliss 22. Plug-in Baby 23. Knights Of Cydonia
  6. I call for another big EPIC stage. It fits the nature of the band, and there is no reason cool effects and props can't make it a more complete package. Yes, the music has to be good, but that should be a given anyway, and although the setlist may not have been to everyone's taste this time round, the next tour is... well, the next tour frankly. But big stages and visual spectacles help the show jump from "awesome" to "an experience". The Flaming Lips do it just as well - why can't muse? The UFO was brilliant, the office was brilliant, I've heard the towers did bring more of the audience 'into' the show. What would be nice would be tv screens everyone can see though: the biggest problem was that if you couldn't see the band, the screens were on the same level so you couldn't see them either. Seemed to defeat the point somewhat. And more pyrotechnics. There is ALWAYS room for more pyrotechnics.
  7. Can anyone point me in the direction of a computer-screen-wallpaper sized high-quality picture of the stagein it's entireity? I want to be reminded of it everytime I start up my computer. Best stage I have ever seen - me and my friend were speculating what it could do right up until Muse started.
  8. You're missing the logic that gets two shows put on in the first place. Many are intended as one night performances, yet tickets sell quickly, hence there is a demand for that show that seemingly outweighs the amount of tickets avaliable. So a second night is put on because there is an audience big enough to fill a second night, an audience of people who want to see the same show on a different night. So yes, the setlist will be the same, because it's two audiences who want to see the same songs. It dosen't account for the minority of the audience who have the money to burn on tickets for both nights, but they're lucky enough to be able to go both nights and savour it. Sure one or two changes will happen for any given reason, but too many drastic changes will leave people complaining that they got a raw deal and not the songs they wanted. Muse at Wembley is a case in point in that - how people blew their lid that they didn't get the songs they wanted on the night they went?!
  9. I wouldn't put money against a one-off festival appearance next year, but I think a new tour won't happen until 2012.
  10. Well I'm finally able to type now... That was truely awesome. My first Muse gig, and it was AMAZING! The setlist speaks for itself. The production values the best I have ever seen (The Flaming Lips is the only band that has come close). Wish I could have been further forward - thankfully I could see most of it, although it did bring out the most unfortunate aspect of the stage design - the screens were in the wrong place. By having the screens at the same level as the actual stage, it screwed people over at the back view-wise. That aside... wow. I am truely impressed, and will definately try and see them again. Oh and massive credit to White Lies and Biffy Clyro. Biffy was the best support act I have ever seen, even better than Kasabian supporting Oasis. The fact that me and my friend were mixing in Mountains with Muse songs in the post-gig singalong was testament to that.
  11. p.s it wont let me pm you.. i know you said to do that instead


    please let me know asap cos i'll ask someone else instead



  12. Hi i'm interested in buying your two tickets for tonights show are you still selling ?

  13. In the "file under wierd" catergory... So I've been trying to get hold of my mate to sort out final transport/meet-up arrangements. Can't get hold of him - texts, phonecalls, facebook messages - nothing works. Finally today, I'm speaking to another friend about it and she informs me he's gone on holiday with his girlfriend for two weeks! Nice to know they check the dates on these things... Still, I will enjoy myself!
  14. hi, is your ticket still for sale?


    melanie x

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