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  1. Anyone else here doing Gallery Standing? I’m hoping they haven’t gone mad with selling tickets up there, and hoping that everyone gets a place leaning on the railing. Unsure how early to get there for Gallery, and I’m also unsure where the best view will be, given it goes pretty much the full perimeter. I’m thinking at roughly 8 or 9 o clock if the stage is at 12, so I’m towards Matt’s side.
  2. Starting to fill up nicely now in February to June 2016. Still some intriguing gaps though. 15th-31st March. 18th April - 2nd May. Do you think they'll fill these in with more dates, or use them as two respite periods?
  3. My list or the Wiki one is incomplete? I just picked the worst five. Many were at 95-100%.
  4. Apologies if this has been done before, but with all the furore over tickets being snapped up, and the inevitability of most of the shows selling out, I thought I'd bring this up. Has anyone been to, or seen, any Muse gigs where ticket sales have been poor? Wikipedia has interesting data for the Resistance and 2nd Law tour. The worst gigs for ticket sales on both tours combined: 1 Rio Rancho, USA: 65% (4,915/7,500) TR 2= Calgary, Canada: 69% (7,648/11,256) TR 2= Brisbane, Australia: 69% (18,810/27,370) TR 3= Duluth, USA: 71% (6,749/9,500) T2L 3= Cincinnati, USA: 71% (4,983/7,050) T2L Are these accurate? Were the arenas on reduced capacity? Seems unbelievable to me that they wouldn't sell 35% of their tickets in Rio Rancho, or for there to be 3,500 empty spaces in Calgary... Thoughts?
  5. Re: UK arenas that could handle 360 stage (minimum three sides seating and removable floor seating), and have over 10,000 capacity: Birmingham: 16,000 Liverpool: 11,000 Nottingham: 10,800 Newcastle: 11,000 Sheffield: 13,500 But then Germany probably has a whole host of cities that can boast that too, I guess, aside from Berlin, Munich, Cologne and Hamburg. Guess it's down to preference.
  6. Matt's voice will take a beating though. Also, travelling really has an impact on physical and mental wellbeing, especially if doing it frequently. I think they do need time off between long runs of gigs. It's not just the 100 minutes a day, it's all the logistics surrounding it. Not seeing loved ones etc.
  7. Oh, we're letting them REST now are we? Maybe in that time off, they can roll around in £20/€20 notes, laughing hysterically to themselves.
  8. Yep but massive gaps 12th-31st March and 18th April-2nd May. Also 18th May-3rd June. Probably fill those up with Europe.
  9. What are people's thoughts on them going beyond 6th June? Personal circumstances dictate that I can't make any of the dates so far (long story), but anything after 6th June would be fine. July/August would be particularly nice, but I have a sneaky feeling that August/September/October will be USA/Canada time...
  10. Not done one of these before, so I'm going to be brave and list a few: 1. Time is Running Out bores the backside off me. If I really needed a pee at a concert, I would be more likely to go for one during this than Madness. 2. I don't like their song reveals. When they do the pre-CE or Apocalypse Please drum thing, it spoils all the build up of the opening notes of the songs. Likewise with Matt messing about before Plug In Baby. You kinda know what's coming, and that spoils it for me. 3. I think Matt is losing his voice slowly, and in 5-6 years won't be able to get many of his falsetto notes. 4. I think Morgan should be allowed to 'take a bow' (pun intended) at the end of gigs. He's an integral part of the setup now. Not saying he should become a 4th member, but I feel sorry for the guy sometimes. Gets no praise or credit. 5. The last four tracks of OoS are average at best. 6. Hoodoo might be my favourite track on BH+R. 7. I'm bored of the Man With Harmonica + Knights ending to gigs. Keep it, by all means, but like point 2 above, we know what's coming, and it gets old. 8. I don't like Uprising. 9. Panic Station is my favourite T2L song. 10. Mercy might be my favourite Drones song. Just. I think it looks incredible live.
  11. Glasgow too. See below. Seems odd that for an 'In the round' tour, several venues are only three sides. I guess standing folk will still surround them though.
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