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    My name is Eilish, I'm from Cork. I am currently in London studying TV Journalism at Middlesex University. I like Music, Muse & Fashion.
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    Cork Baaaaai
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    Muse :P
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    Uni Student ;)
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    Muse :D Blondie, Oasis, Kasabian . . and theres a few more bands i like :)
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    The Truman Show :)
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    How I met your mother, big bang theory community, Greys anatomy, hollyoaks and lots more!
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    Everything except the newton abbot demo . .

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    Doms drumstick from the o2 Dublin 3/12/12

    Chris' Harmonica from SBE 18/2/13
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    Marlay Park 13th August 2008.
    The o2 Dublin 6th November 2009.
    Oxegen 2010 July 10th 2010
    Wembley Stadium 11th September 2010
    Roundhouse 30th September 2012
    Shepherds Bush Empire 18th February 2013
    The o2 Dublin 3rd November 2012
    Emirates Stadium 26th May 2013
    Etihad Stadium 1st June 2013
    Horse Guards Parade 2nd June 2013
    Brighton Dome 23rd March 2015
    Download 13 June 2015
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  1. Anyone willing to help my friend over from Ireland with a ticket swap? Hes all by his lonesome at the clock entrance and the rest of got East H! So if there anyone out there who isn't fussy about entrances get in touch pretty please?
  2. I was thinking it might be the second Slane! Sure Bruce is tipped for that now. I wouldnt mind the Aviva announcement being held off for a while so I can get funds together!
  3. MCD have something big to share with us Friday!!! Muse at the Aviva maybe Also check out my friends review! http://www.electric-banana.co.uk/reviews/live-reviews/muse-the-02-dublin/
  4. Heres how my 5th Muse gig went! Queued from 9.45 and had a great aul time in the queue meeting new people and also catching up with people I met at other gigs I must say security were great on the day, allowing me and my 2 friends to go to my hotel in the afternoon to check in and go back to where we were in the queue, sending people to the back for skipping and we also had a laugh with them! Got barrier by the diamond and luckily got my hand grabbed by Matt with some eye contact at the same time (It was soooo cool looking into his lovely blue eyes! ) Nearly died at the barrier cause some guy decided id make a great leaning post resting his arms on my shoulders, it was like crushing a can well security inside were great telling him to get his arms off my shoulders! The setlist was amazing all the songs I hoped for were played, minus Map of the problematique, but I'm not fussed because I got to see them play it a month ago in camden. Sunburn, Liquid State and Stockholm Syndrome were epic, so glad we didnt get New Born on the roulette same reason as above saw then play it in camden! Lets see what else . . Oh throwing up the bra haha, me and the girls wrote messages on it and our twitter names then at the end of the gig Dom giving me a drumstick, I couldnt believe it!! Got very vicious though when some fecker behind me tried stealing it but once again security were on my side and saved the day, walking back to my hotel I was so protective of that stick, people mustve been wondering why I was looking so shifty I'm all happy out now that I've seen them and fingers crossed they announce the Aviva or somewhere else thats mahoooosive! Defo a great gig for my 5th Muse gig Right long spiel over haha!
  5. I got the premium upgrade, it was only for lounge access because I asked security if I got to go in earlier and they said nope!
  6. aw nooo, I'm at entrance 3, just like the last time.. :( I'll be there early, might come over to you and say hi. :)

  7. I'm rarely on here its crazy! I'm at entrance 1 what about you? I should hopefully be there for 9 :) x

  8. Omg hey :3 Ya I know, haven't been on boards literally for aaages! Can't wait for Sat, hopefully I'll see you there x

  9. Hey!! Long time no speak :D Shall you be at the o2 next week? x

  10. It was a sign that you got me in a picture! You'll know me straight away in Dublin! ya shouldve come up to us in the queue i had chocolate
  11. I'll make a badge saying "muse junkie" haha Pro plus, its an energy tablet 3 packs for 8 pound in asda It'll be a great day and night! I'll be on me own aswell my friends couldnt get tickets Add me away on facebook guys! There should be a little facebook icon under my photo
  12. I'll be doing the early morning queuing too and i'll have goodies aswell As long as the craic is had the day will fly by . . pro plus helps too A muser piss up is defo needed, god only knows how we'll all know each other!
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