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  1. I do wonder if Muse should add a few more dates in England to avoid this 'scrum' for tickets. We do feel a little forgotten here in favour of the rest of the world!
  2. In response to all of the posts regarding the lottery and presale. I was unsuccessful but recieved no emails. Crowdsurge were very helpful to me even down to their financial director emailing paypal directly to release my funds. The email to let me know if I was successful and with a presale link apparently should have come from Muse?? I don't know if this is true. There was information missing from the beginning such as advising you to check with your bank etc to see how long they have to keep your money on hold before they can release it. With paypal it is 10 days to allow in this case Crowdsurge enough time to take it! All banks etc are different. Also promising to let you know either way and then not doing so is poor. Then only a few getting hold of the presale link is bad. Devastating then for fans to see tickets on ebay straight away for 2 and 3 times their face value. I agree that the management somewhere along the line have mismanaged this. Once again the fat cats will be fatter and the ordinary folk will miss out. There was nothing fair in this system at all. I myself was fortunate to get tickets having borrowed the money from my mortgage money ! Others sadly were not. This should be discussed at a higher level as the band themselves would surely be unhappy at the amount of tickets now on ebay!!:
  3. happy birthday!! :D:party:

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