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  1. i know :indiff: so now i have to have a broken ipod untill i can raise some cash to buy a new one, yeah good thinking :) i wouldnt mind but this is the second time ive had to send it back

    hmm maybe, you up to anything completely awesome?

  2. Wow! Apple are silly! There such a rip off with some of their policies. But there products are so awesome. Go to like a backsteet shop they'll repair it! My friend got a crack on the front of his ipod touch and its like in a coma it'll only do some things its rather funny :). Aww do the same again or the train or something :)

  3. i hope u didnt get in to much trouble!

    i didnt see any of that, but at least they are all out now :)

    im a bit pissed off, my ipod hasnt been working for ages so i rung up apple and they said it would be £180 to get it fixed :eek: <- my face literally!

    i havent thought of any revenge, but have no fear i will do :awesome:

    it was free last time, i caught a ride with my mate and her dad :D:LOL:

    dont worry, interent round where i live is always spazzing too :/

  4. I'm not too bad thanks. Cept I missed a bit of college slept in. I watched the chillean miners :p it was awesome!!! How are you? Thought of revenge if any? Yeah how much was it last time for lccc? Oh soz for replyin late internet went retarded :(

  5. tell me bout it! :LOL: any way today was much better :happy: how are you?

    hmm yes i do need to get revenge on her some how *evil laugh* :chuckle:

    aww i want to but it would be quite expensive to go up to manchester :(

  6. Bad Times! one of the reasons i travel alone to college, the other being i kept making my mates really late :). Aww bad times ! find a way to make her sick ;). Aww i've heard there good live too. There playing manchester academy if u could travel no age restictions there :). Nah rantings good best off to let it out :)

  7. i was in such a bad mood this morning as my friend was rushing me to get to her house, and when i got there she wasnt even ready :indiff: and for some reason she was in a mood with the rest of the day! and then i got shit loads of homework today too :( and we have like 2 hour lunches this weekend, compressed time tables or something, and my friend and her boyfriend were kissing some much it made me feel ill :LOL: and plus the Wombats are playing at a club near me but im not old enough to go :/

    sorry for my rant, but i gotta let it out! :chuckle:

    oh yeah, january :(

  8. Any reasons why today was awful? and cllege is meh. I'm still looking at the daunting task of exams in january 'tis depressing :(

  9. yeah i hope one does too, but for now that will do :p

    im always watching them, i watched one of take a bow and i was like :eek: thats amazing :D co\z i only saw it from our side not like coming towards me if that makes sense :LOL:

    college is good i suppose, i had a really good week last week, but today was awful :noey: and no, i always find time for muse :awesome:

    how about you? :)

  10. well i spose its a matter of opinion but i'm right ;). A bootleg must pop up sooner or later...i hope. Them videos are a good fine glad to see its not me watching the highlights of the gig endlessly. So how you finding college is it cutting down ur muse time?

  11. they so are! :awesome:

    right, you know there isnt no bootleg about at all, well i found this,


    it most of the songs, and the audio is pretty good, if your interested :)

  12. yeah zebras are awesome ;) have to get one just for you! :). They seemed ok. Yeah its like that with my videos too ahh well 'tis the memories that count. I thought the front side of your pictures was better :p:)

  13. umm maybe get a zebra next time, i love zebras :awesome::LOL:

    thanks, there was way more but most were really blurred :facepalm: and the videos are too embrassing to be put up! all you can hear is me singing :facepalm:

    shame about your facebook :/ i might be in some of your pictures, well the back of me, which is my best side ;):LOL::LOL::LOL:

  14. Hey :). I wander where I can get another monkey from. The manchester one was a one off definatly! Nice pictures. Ermm ill have a look I did do but my facebook got hacked like last month so.. Its all gone tits up so to speak ;)

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