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  2. Hmm... I was a few years older than I am now; 19, I think. And Dom Chris and I were in this massive manor thing, and we were being held hostage or something? But we didn't have anyone watching us and we were trying to sneak out, and Matt was waiting for us by the front gates (but I never saw him in my dream). I was pregnant with Dom's child () and we were trying to get out... very weird dream, but it was actually a lot of fun!
  3. I'm currently listening to when they played it at Glasto '04, and I like the way he sang it there a bit better than Wembley
  4. Suddenly, (presuming it's him, of course) Matt seems to be remembering all of his passwords again!
  5. I read books 1-4 and kinda liked them for a bit ... and then I really started to NOT like it, and then a friend showed me the "Alex reads twilight" thing on youtube... and then I read the first book again and just laughed at how ABSURD it is, and now I hate them! I'm a Harry Potter fan too, so now I am labelled as "lame" by A LOT of people because of it, whereas I wouldn't get that before twilight came along, so I resent it even more now. In conclusion, I hate twilight. Kthnxbi.
  6. I feel like getting one of those before I go to my next muse gig!
  7. I had starlight stuck in my head last night . I haven't actually heard it in a while, but I'm sick right now and the littlest things give me a headache The only muse-ish stuff I've listened to is the lullaby versions!
  8. This was either written by a really pissed off immature twilighter, or by someone who clearly didn't like the movie. I want to go watch it just because it's making fun of something I despise so much. Probably won't be worth it, some of the clips I've seen aren't that funny...
  9. :eek:That would be awesome. I'd go to shows regarding Showbiz to Absolution or Showbiz to BHaR because the first gig I got to go to was back in March! Don't really care about what b-sides they would play, I would just be concerned about the stuff on the albums. Seeing FAWY probably wouldn't happen though, would it? The day this happens, I will wake up and find myself to be TALL. In other words, it's probably never gonna happen :'(
  10. Ask yourselves: What would muse do? Seriously, I actually would want to know what those three would do if they found out that their crazy fans are trying to start a religion. Seeing as they themselves are hardly religious XD
  11. Risking his life? Not bloody likely. Didn't someone once say that muse have an army of musers? Personally, I would take this opportunity to ass-kick all the annoying twatlighters. But I think I would probably spare the good twilighters....
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