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  1. i'm fine i've started watching supernatural you should give it a try i think you'll like it:D .i should restart visiting the forum hmmm but i always forget to do thissss.who's in your avatar?

  2. oh you know just listening to THE 2ND LAW :awesome: what do you think of it? wtf panic station

  3. i'm fine i'm fine i'm glad you responded :LOL: how are you:D?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BM3j9pKXJ8

  4. well hallo there elkdfmdslfkmsf;ldskmfsdl;km!!:awesome:

  5. i don't know why but i love love love the word dude:LOL: i'm okay i'm fine i have no idea how but i cought a cold.how are you?:kiss::kiss:

  6. it was not exactly a concert it was um a thing i don't know how to call it:LOL: a street was closed to celebrate famous women and there were handmade things and gallerys and there were concerts too:happy:can i give you ideas?i have plenty of them.:awesome:i am fine i don't know i'm burnt .no this is the 3rd day of THE HOLY MOTHER VACATION!and you?

  7. in my highschool you're always like I JUST WANNA PASSS:cry: and it's one of the best highschools :D my day well in the morning i ran at the seaside and i came home about one hour ago :LOL:and yesterday i went to a concert it was nice.HOW ARE YOOOOOOOOu:kiss:/?

  8. no but tennant's doctor was using this name a lot.dammit i just don't understand it it's so ..so illogical.i took a 4 the final exam at this thing and i was quite proud of myself.:erm:but if you say that this is for the doctor i shall give my best*solemn* how are you?

  9. whose father?:eek: not really i'm no good with computers umm the thing with algorithms :facepalm:sadly i'm not perfect :phu: oh i hate smiley faces why do i use them dkjsglasgjsd awww:kiss: .oh listen to the new arctic monkeys album . it's um very different from their previous stuff

  10. i think i like more matt smith :shifty: tomorrow?i have one more week and we still have stuff to do arrrr.i'm fine i don't knooooow OHOHOH i took a 10 at english on a narrative thing with the title coincidence or fate and mine was about a certain john smith who was taken by aliens in 1919 :LOL: I CAN'T BELIVE IT!i haven't seen it .yet.

  11. OH MY GOD IT WAS reallyreallyrealrelrerearle awesomawesomeawseome .especially with the river song thingy .it was way too much adrenaline and information i thought my head will explode :eek:

    i'm still excited about it ...wow oh it was fun becouse i played with some friends who helped me a little. ah i remember the old times ..just about 2 months ago when i didn't like mr. matt smith (admit it you went through that too).., and now i'm all like don't ever go awaaaayyyyy lalallala how are you ma'am or shall i say miss :eyebrows: what was that :LOL:

  12. i had all my exams ,lucky me.:LOL:

    i'm ill and i have fever bleh .bad jokes?what do you mean?:LOL: i miss you too :kiss: olololo http://roflrazzi.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/62506fe6-2b11-4966-ae6c-13c7b6af0bdd.gif i am sooo bored i even started to play world of warcraft again :facepalm:

  13. what the.. i had to look at the end 5 times to realise that was true :stunned: but all in all in don't want the next episode becouse it will be the last ...the next one is going to after or whatever it's written on imdb.dfhbjklsdfbkdfj i'm gonna be sooooooo bored :LOL: how are you?

  14. amy's pregnant:|

  15. bah i'm so tired i had exams and tests and exams and it was a freind's birthday so i had to go with him and it rained.oh and i screwd my exam at .do i call it IT? oh whatever i will be happy if i will get a 5 .

  16. oh yes i listen to that stuff all the time especially when i find myself alone so people won't know my dirty little passion:D haha just kidding .how are you:happy:?

  17. that song made my night :LOL:

    dodod what?:LOL:what music?

  18. i will be popular i will be popular:LOL:ololololololol

  19. i'm fine .i had my final exam at romanian and i had to wrote about 5 pages and it sucked .whatever . i liked it but again the end was just.. how can your pregnancy be positive and negative at the same time no really :LOL:

  20. ye syes i know...though i will always love the doctor :LOL: and amy i have a big heart .neaaah thay're not okay a little maybe.it is just odd amy is like bella :who am i gonna chooooose edward or jacob?just kidding .i am fine :Dand you ma'am?yes yes same site you?

  21. yeah i thought about that too especially when she said in the end smthing like you know the time we spent in the tardis. but on the other hand i think she loves rory and blabla .maybe travelling in time influences her prgnancy OR MAYBE ITS RIVERS KID!!! no no it can;t be

  22. yeah i'm feeling sorry for rory too..yes yes i liked that !and the part with stop me maybe i will .it will be sooo creepy to see amy pregnant .and who was the girl that regenerated in the end ..?:stunned:

  23. that's so awesome! :awesome: IT WAS GENIUS !!!!,DLFKVMFDNKLNDFJ but i still don't like river song ..

  24. hallohallohallohallohallo :dance: how are you today ?I'M SO HIPERACTIVEAKLNMSAKDN!!!!

  25. i think river killed the doctor in her past and being with her will mean the end of the series ..:stunned: .maybe .i'd love to see the doctor with someone but NOT RIVEER :LOL: i don't like her .oh i didn't have school today :LOL:i'm fine i've just realised i did nothing for school bleh

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