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    Everything Album Wise. absoultion DVD as well :)
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    M.E.N Arena 10/11/06
    Echo Arena 5/11/09
    LCCG 4/9/2010
    Leeds Festival 2011 !
    Etihad Stadium 1/6/13
    Manc Arena 8/4/16
  1. only my 6th im hoping they headline LEEDS Fest next year
  2. ill decide in a few months (but will pay over the odds !) as standing is sold out for the 2nd date also ...
  3. GOT ONE ! (Panic Over) always best to do it by the arena website
  4. quick question for those who got standing ? how much was a ticket including postage / fee ? was it under 80 ?
  5. none for me .... try general sale .... probably fail at that .... hoping for 2nd date, and if all else fails festival dates !
  6. you do wonder if they will ever do the photo ID tickets like Glastonbury have done, would feel a bit to much for arena gig tho !
  7. if I don't get one for Manchester I hope they do a 2nd date ! (looking like general sale) honestly thought id get one in presale today
  8. at least you got thru ! why I am still trying I don't know .... and surprise, surprise !... 289 tickets on getmein (edit) 289 just for Manchester ....
  9. how much are standing tickets ? 65 or 75 ? most places say 40-75 ... but 75 will be really good seats right ?
  10. well im part of the unlucky majority managed to get in with the 5 min counter ticking down, spent less than one minute filling it in ... went to pay ... error blah blah blah .... i dislike ticketmaster ah well, ill try go download or wait for arena tour ... but would have prefered to see them in manchester academy ! enjoy to those who got lucky and managed to get tickets !
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