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  1. But people are softer than metal barrier, no? I always thought if I went for a barrier again I'd bring a pillow or other soft object to put in front of me
  2. It looks super painful being crushed for the entire gig, and you have no room to move. Made it to the barrier once at Iron Maiden but couldnt hack more than 5mins, it just wasn't fun... Not to.mentiom the hours of queuing in cold and losing a days pay!
  3. I also thought Break it to Me was amazing. I felt some of the synthy sounds of Simulation Theory didn't translate so well live... The Dark Side was a bit of a disappointment, maybe it was my proximity to the speakers meaning it didnt sounds great as expected. But having said that, still much preferred the ST stuff to my first live listen of T2L and Drones.
  4. There was a scrum on the left side of the barrier for a drum stick. About 3 people had their hands on it and were pulling too and thro, someone even turned around and put their hands on it about 20 seconds after it had been thrown :LOL: It was pretty embarrassing behaviour! Latest about 2mins I, for one, loved the medley. It was great to get snips of lots of obscure songs. I'd rather have 7-8 classic, rare riffs than 1-2 of the metal tracks. What was the business at the barrier during Uprising, was that a protest at the barrier tickets for the stadium shows? Couldn't work out the signs
  5. Strange, are you sure you've set the date range properly? I did mine from November to March randomly, just so December 3rd would be covered, and I've had about 10 alerts today!
  6. Thank you I saw your message, I've had a couple I'm not sure what I'm doing yet, hoping to convince a friend. There have been loads on twickets (was looking for a standing one for myself) if you have the alerts switched on!
  7. 20:30pm start I don't get out of work til 18:40 and then have to catch a train from Woking... cutting it fine! Is possible to enter once they've started? Also I've got two choir seats, does anyone know if they are any good? Struggling to find a plus 1 who is willing to shell out £75 to see them, might have to put it up on twickets soon and be sandwiched by strangers
  8. Hope so. Should be able to get there for 8:30 latest. Have contacted RAH but doubt they will have any idea/want to disclose what time the band will be on stage!
  9. Was delighted to snap two choir seats for this (dunno if they'll be any good for viewing?) but failed to realize that the 3rd of December is What time do we expect they'll come on? Need to work out whether a train to waterloo then tube gets me there on time. Might have to move the tickets on :'(
  10. So having missed out in the early sales for SBE I grabbed a Reading ticket for consolation... managed to get an SBE anyway in the forum sale so nownim doing both! Now wondering what do we expect to carry over from last night? I'm guessing Showbiz is a dead cert. given Matt's comments. Perhaps Assassin also? And I'd love to see the New Born riffs and Yes Please but that's probably asking too much!
  11. Hi all thanks for the interest in the ticket - currently working my way through the PMs first come first serve! For those interested there are 4 people in the queue
  12. Looks like I have a spare ticket in STALLS for Saturday if anyone is still looking. We're not queueing so I am happy for someone to meet just before doors - we will be in a pub by the venue before hand if you want to say hi to ease your anxieties then meet later PM if interested!
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