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  1. It came in the regular post and it arrived last Saturday in excellent condition with a double layer of cardboard. But it was impossible to know whether it would arrive on time or not since I didn't receive any dispatch notification. So it really was a pleasant surprise. Hope yours will arrive soon.
  2. +1 However I was pleasantly surprised (actually I jumped all around the house like a lunatic:D) when I received my boxset last Saturday. I never expected it to get there so damn fast (we're talking about the French postal services... they're clearly not the best in the world... they managed once to mix up sender and receiver... thus sending me back a parcel that was destined to a friend!) and it was in pristine condition: there were several layers of cardboard protecting it. But I sympathize with the fans who haven't received anything yet. I'm sure you won't have to wait long, .mu seems to be pretty much swamped at the moment.
  3. There's an update saying they're having technical problems (major understatement...) and they're working on finding a solution. So we'll have to be patient a little longer. For now I'll just enjoy listening to my CD.
  4. Can't seem to get the download to start. But I received my Boxset on Saturday (you should have seen me going completely mental when the mailman gave me the parcel...). So I'll wait a few days before I'll try downloading the FLAC version. Anael
  5. Just passing by to wish you all the best of everything for 2011. Haven't posted in ages... work, life, personal problems plus my computer died... Hope you all had a great time with your families and friends during the holidays. I won't be able to post regularly or even come to the board very often. Just wanted to let you know that I've missed you... a freaking lot...
  6. Hello Mariska, it's been ages since we last talked... Thanks for the Christmas wishes. Happy New Year:kiss:

    See you around.

  7. Merry Christmas :xmas:



  8. Just read it's your Birthday today ?? A very Happy Birthday !!!!!! xxxx Ellen .

  9. Katyyyyy!!!

    guess what!!! dad bought me that 100-page NME special mag:dance:


    how are you btw?? haven´t talk to you for a longer time:(

  10. Hé bien, hé bien, emploi du temps plus que chargé!

    Je te souhaite bien du courage pour ton déménagement.

    De ce côté là, ça va mieux depuis...comptage... 10 jours! Donc, pour l'instant ça tient!

    Je me motive avec les VC, qui sont dans une semaine 1/2; Si je tiens jusque là, ça sera déjà un exploit pour moi. Ma plus longue période d'"abstinence"!

    Alors du coup, forcément, les deux vont de paire, le moral va mieux aussi.

    Je retourne en touraine pourt les vacances jusqu'à mi aout. Je suis super contente de retrouver mes amies et de revoir mes parents.

    A nouveau, du courage, et à bientôt!

  11. I've just realized you aren't on my friends list... :facepalm: Just sent a friend request!

  12. Yeah !!!!!!!!!!

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