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  1. Everytime i hear any Muse song or Biffy song played at the concert i get all giddy and excited I had butterflies for almost two weeks! That was the gig where we got CE Not sure if i prefer that over the second night i saw in Melbourne where Matt hurled his guitar at Dom and then the guitar tech came on stage after they had left and assured the crowd it was all right He must of known all the die hard fans needed to know. Okay The 9th of June is looking to be the best day of the year!!! So that must mean the rest of the year will be a let down from then
  2. It makes perfect sense! Matt deserves it You were at Acer Arena too! I was just thinking about that today. Over 5 months later and i still get butterflies when i think about it. I miss our Ninja Assassin fruit-basket-fun
  3. This is my fav. Wish there were a close up of that face! Found a site with a compilation of the best sex faces of musicians. Our Mr Bellamy is on there: Guitarist-Sex-Faces
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