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  1. Hyvää päivää :D Please tell if that was or was not complete FAIL :$:

  2. ^ That is amazing. *saves for PMT* That must be one of my favorite gifs. As for hair. I love all of them equally, except when he has has a scalping and its really short. But still hot, not just as preferable for moi.
  3. That is creepy :eek: You are being stalked! I shall protect you. :fear: *enters ninja mode* :ninja: I am ready to avenge you.:D

  4. I've seen one of them. The one with the killer rabbits and the knights of Ni. That was funny. "I want a shrubbery" :facepalm::chuckle: What part is your quote from?

  5. Thanks! I'm addicted to changing them :) I don't get the ekki-pitang-zoom-boing :wtf:

  6. Hi and yes. I changed my sig too. How is class? Oh, and btw, YOU ROCK. Randomness = :awesome:

  7. Good on you for liking school. I did until my last year there. I was what we call in Australia a 'square.' :facepalm:

  8. Poor Suvi *hugs* I don't go to school anymore :dance::awesome: Sorry for rubbing that in. I still get excited about it.

  9. Thanks :awesome: The video is soooo hot. Plus it has fingers. I really could not resist. Love your sig. 'I shall taunt you another time!' 'Just a flesh wound' Classic. The killer bunny should battle the uprising teddy :D

  10. Wow. Your on the ball Suvi :D

  11. Why, my dear are you not amused?

  12. Hi Ashleigh! Correct, i am from Australia. I thought i'd seen you around somewhere when i saw your name. How are you doing?

  13. I want your walls. I don't have any muse up yet cos i want the stuff to be really good quality and can't find it anywhere. But i have a section for cool posters, like ray ban wayfarers and converse high tops and other stuff i love
  14. Awesome. Hanging on the PMT :)


    How are you?

  15. LOL Love your comebacks! My dad says Matt sounds like he borrowed some pants from the Bee Gees. My mum likes SMBH and TiRo and a few other hits, but everywhere she goes with me i am playing Muse and she is growing to like it. I have made her love all music i adore. Muse shall be no different. Today we were going somewhere and were deciding on who would drive. I was like Me!!! Them: Why? Me: My car, my cd. I can play Muse! Dad: Little Bro (who is 10)- Yay! Can you play Uprising and Knights of Clydonium. (he can't say Cydonia) Mum: You have brainwashed him Little Bro *runs and gets his mp3 player and plays Uprising and sings out loud to it My other brother is too obsessed with Breaking Benjamin to give Muse the time of day, so i refuse to listen to Breaking Benjamin.
  16. You can call me Sarah, sorry it took a while to get back to you the first time. I'm new at this ;)

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