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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm looking to sell my collection of early Muse singles. Some of them are even quite rare. The cds are not new, but all play with no problems.  The cd jewel cases have some light scratches as expected with their age, as do some cds and I think one has a 1 cm crack in the corner.  Some of them are  as new. If interested I can give you more details on the individual cds.

    I would like to sell the collection for $200 AUD (Plus postage to be calculated according to your location.) My research has the collection worth $450-$580 AUD. I really cannot be bothered selling each one individually, so I'll willing to take the loss. I'm located in Australia :)

    Please contact if interested, I loved owning these but I'm moving 1,700 kms and need to downsize :( 




  2. Does anyone have the photo of Matt,Chris and Dom during the shooting of Neutron Star Collision? Chris has an Adidas track jacket on and Matt's giving a big goofy smile in his leather trousers.


    I don't but I have to say I love your av!!! Mon the Biff! Don't you just love Stingin' Belle?


    How beautiful is this gif set I spotted on tumblr?






    Super credits to the poster bellwardholme :kiss:

  3. I don't know, I actually like it. Yes, in some places the use of greenscreen is obvious, and she could have used a bit more sincerity when she spoke her lines, but I really liked the symbolism and that poofy silver dress she wears in the ballroom scene. Not to mention the hair, LOVE the hair. :LOL:


    EDIT: Plus this gorgeous device in her hair during the ballroom scene.


    Unfortunately, I can't agree :p Maybe the fact my brother watched it non-stop for a month has something to do with my hate :rolleyes:









  4. I'm pretty great. My day was fairly uneventful, but this evening I'll be watching "Labyrinth", which my friend Shelby lent me because according to her, "You've just GOT to see it!" :)




    Is that the one with David Bowie? When I saw it my jaw hit the floor the whole time, because I found it just so... bad. :LOL: I think it was the pants.



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