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  1. Lame. Last time I bought a ticket for muse more then five days before the gig.
  2. Are you supposed to hold on to your ticket for a re-scheduled date or should you take the refund? I assume you get a refund
  3. I reckon the malmö gig is supposed to be for denmark? It's really strange... They cancelled zinkensdamm beacause of bad ticket sales. Have their support increased the last year? Ah well, i probably buy a ticket. The new album better be good
  4. Will they really fill globen? They barely sold out hovet last time. Sucks. Globen is not a good place for concerts....
  5. over two gigs I did got a lot of variation, but would rather have been on the second wembley night! Cave! and unintended was alright, nice with songs from all their albums, and the opening was the coolest thing i've seen. well after the wall, muse shows are flat compared to that
  6. Hmmm... The best live performance of a heavy song for me must be the small print. It's insane, but overall SS no doubt. Dead star close second
  7. Go grazy ey? muse arvika festival 2002, before hyper music
  8. aldrig några här och de som nån gång trillar in är omgtwillight!!! noobs
  9. ja arvika 2002, var där! men vafan taggar för dungen 11 december
  10. alltså alla gäster, bli medlemmar och joina. jag ser er ni två
  11. ALLA HAR DET INTE LIKA BRA SOM DUUUUUUUUUUUUU! åhhhh dungen, din spjuver
  12. japp gick första kvällen.. det värsta var teasen innan GL, de spelade CE trumkompet innan på hulaballo, jag blev galen och skrek och sen... ja.. min kompis bara "visste att du var en av dem" Såg dem på cirkus då, bästa konserten hitills jag varit på. Bara sigur rós kommer i närheten. Men alltså ser dem gärna där igen! Dock så känn det om att de kommer spela en festival om de skulle komma igen, (nästa sommar!!!??) dock inte troligt..
  13. the arena couldn't be so small it affected their performance. the arena they played in sweden last year is only 8ooo maybe less and that show kicked ass, better than wembley imo (went first night though) and the gig in 2007
  14. läste det i någon tidning på tåget hem nån dag, Kommer inte ihåg vilken det var dock? Var säkert nån dålig skvallertidning, men rykten kan bli sanningar;) Fast vet inte om jag skulle gå om de kom. Bestämde att wembley skulle bli mitt sista muse gig, fast det sög... så jag vill avsluta med en bättre spelning
  15. ingen aning? men sweedeeeen!! muse till sverige 2011 ryktades det om "make up date" för i somras
  16. Showbiz -Showbiz -Cave (guitar and piano= -sunburn -muscle museum -uno Origin of symmetry -new born -bliss -space dementia -hyper music -plug in baby -Citizen erased -micro cuts -feeling good -darkshines Absolution -Apocalypse please -Times running out -Stockholm syndrome -Hysteria -Sing for absolution -Butterflies and hurricanes -the small print -endlessly -thoughts of a dying atheist -blackout RBS????!!! fucking second nights-...... Blackholes and revelations -Take a bow -Supermassive blackhole -Map of the problematique -Starlight -Soldiers poem -Invincible -Knights of cydonia The Resistance -Uprising -Resistance -guiding light -Undisclosed desires -United states of eurasia -Unnatural selection -I belong to you -Exogenesis 1 Fucking shit song i've heard -Neutron star collision Awsome song I've heard -Dead star
  17. hyper music, TSP and darkshines are my rarest i think?
  18. maxswe

    Setlist Polls Closed!

    I agree. but don't think that they could switch to a smaller venue due to the stage and all. But I don't see the fucking problem to put out a new date, later when the stadium tour is over! they didn't even say that they would try to find a new date.
  19. maxswe

    Setlist Polls Closed!

    but they had to cancel really. there was no chance in hell that they would be able to play a stadium in sweden. they are NOT big here! was suprised when they announced it. they barely sold out hovet last year with only 8000 seats (including standing). But a festival tried to book them but mgmt said no apparently
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