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  1. Does anyone know what time they will be on stage? We were hoping to be there for 8ish.
  2. That's really good to know, I'm sure it will be great no matter what seat we've got. Flights booked, now just need to sort out our hotel....can't wait to go back to Vegas!
  3. Looks like the bottom half of the lower bowl at the sides (105-110 & 116-121) are for GA and the upper half of those blocks is for the VIP package ticket holders. Rather annoyed with this as that means a good number of seats are going to be selling for nearly $300 each. If they all sell out this is setting a bad precedent going forward. I wanted a reserved seat, as I didn't want to have to worry about showing up at a decent time for a good view so I picked the PL1 reserved tickets which was showing on the arena plan as in blocks 111-115 I believe. When I went to checkout it put me up in the top tier, block 208 row B. When I tried to pick elsewhere it just gave me those seats again so I went for it as was worried I wouldn't get anything. The seats two rows behind me are going for $30 less, I feel ripped off. I think this is rather unfair as it didn't show the bottom of 208 as part of this ticket group. I'm not sure if the view will be as good or not now compared to looking straight on. The other half isn't happy at all being that high up, does anyone have any experience with this venue of what we can expect?
  4. How quickly does it normally sell out in Vegas? It is crazy like the UK gigs where normally all presale tickets are gone in seconds? Think we will be trying for seated tickets this time round. Just so we don't have to fight for a space and can see the whole stage. Any suggestions on where the best seats are?
  5. I wonder if the fact you can only re-sale tickets at face value (is that correct?) is making it easier for us. No more bots buying up the tickets. Hope they do the same system for the main tour.
  6. Ah yes, I see the email now stating I will be getting the early access code on Tuesday. Thanks! Was worried for a second.
  7. I haven't pre-ordered yet, but as per the website it says no purchase is necessary for early access to the tour as long as you completed that online form with your email address. I assume this applies to this performance as well?
  8. Don’t get me wrong, I liked this stage setup as we got right at the barrier about 30min before they came on stage very easily. Although that could partly be due to the fact the standing area in the Hydro never seems full and you normally get a good spot regardless of how late you turn up. But it was just a bit annoying to pay so much money to in a sense watch a band from behind the stage.
  9. Ah, I thought I crossed a line. In that case I will retype my issues: We had two problems on Sunday night in Glasgow. The first was that we entered via door D, our friends door C. Security refused to allow us to cross over and join out friends which was a massive disappointment. As we just assumed if you have a standing ticket you could easily join your friends, it’s one of the reasons why we all bought standing so we could be together and not worry about getting seats in the same row etc. Was this a new thing or have they done this the entire tour so far? The second issue was I know there isn’t supposed to be a front to the stage, but it really felt like there was in Glasgow and that was the half facing the seats. I swear it felt like Matt spent the majority of his time facing out towards the seats and ignoring the “rear” of the stage. All the standing mics that weren’t on the rotating platform were set up so he was facing out towards the seats. When the platform did roate it always stopped again with him facing the seats. I guess it could have been due to the layout of the Hydro with the seats just on one side so the production team decided to focus the band that direction most the time. But that’s not really fair for the people who were forced to stand at the rear. Maybe that is why you weren’t allowed to cross to the other side, to ensure the floor wasn’t empty on one side as people spotted that Matt wasn’t really going to be turning round often. Overall it was just rather annoying, not to get to be with our friends and spending most the time staring at the back of Matt’s head. But we did still enjoy the show and I got to touch Chris and Dom’s hands as they left
  10. Are we not allowed to discuss/criticise the way the standing area was handled in Glasgow with it being split in two and people not allowed to cross over to join their friends? I posted last night in this thread and the Glasgow one about it and both have been deleted.
  11. My concern with this is with the majority of the crowd facing one direction will it mean the band will focus most of their attention that way? Might mean people standing at the rear where most of the standing space appears to be might end up spending most the gig looking at Matt's ass
  12. Ha and to think a lot of us, well myself anyway, was in a panic at 8:59 worried that they would sell out. :LOL:
  13. £71.50 for a standing ticket, bloody joke. But I caved and bought one for me and the other half. I assume Level 0 Standing is the floor? Silly question I know.
  14. I was at the recording of this last night, it was just by chance as my other half got tickets a couple of months ago too. So I was really excited when I found out last week they were playing at it! Before they started filming at the very start Graham was chatting with the audience and he pointed out how impressive the stage looked, he seemed really surprised at how much effort they put into it for just one song. They came out and played Mercy, with some nice flame effects near the end which caught everyone by surprise. After they performed and stopped recording Graham started cracking jokes with Matt about how they used up all the caravan gas so they can’t play again. After that Matt and Dom joined them on the red couch for maybe a 2 min chat before they did the red chair. Matt did say that they will be back in the UK next year to play, make of that what you will.
  15. Don't they normally have a small seated area at the rear, behind the sound booth? Like a raised floor area? Been a while since I've been there but I recall that at the back for anyone in a wheelchair.
  16. Would make sense as not much time to post them out. Hopefully means we have more of a chance tomorrow then.
  17. Any idea if general sale will be paperless too? If so will hopefully mean we have more of a chance as less tickets will go to the touts/scum.
  18. Spent the last hour trying to get my code. Finally got it and now it appears Barrowland is sold out
  19. What's the best way to get to the stadium from the Termini? Arriving at around 4pm into Rome from the airport and our hotel is around the Termini area so going straight from there after dropping the bags off.
  20. Found a much better seating plan for anyone that needs it. Note that it's viewed from the other side compared to the other one posted in this thread. So in theory the stage on this plan below would be on the left side of the pitch. http://www.sslazio.it/images/stories/MAPPA_OLIMPICO_NUMERI_GRANDI_ridotta.pdf
  21. If it's just more padding I can deal with no having it Yeah I've got seat numbers so I'm not too worried. Looking at some stadium guides I think the only difference between our sections is you may have nicer toilets. If that is it I don't feel as bad.
  22. Looking at the seats for sale, I think it's almost a safe bet the stage will be at the end. As they are only selling tickets on the north curve, not the south.
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