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  • Birthday 11/22/1999

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    I am 10 and I love Muse!
    I recently bought a Telecaster and I like XBOX Games like Halo, etc.
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    Guitars, Games and Music.
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    Coldplay, AC/DC, Metric, The Beatles, Artic Monkeys, Band of Horses, Dire Straits (I can go on and on with this....)
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    The Blues Brothers, the Family Guy movies and Quantum of Solace
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    Family Guy
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    I don't read books
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    All CD's except Hullabuloo and Showbiz
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  1. Đến với khu vườn lãng mạn khi tai game khu vuon dia dang về máy, lựa chọn và tai game mien phi hấp dẫn hơn cho điện thoại. Truy cập và tải những ứng dụng hot cho điện thoại như tai uc, tai opera mini lướt web cực đỉnh.

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