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  1. Just finished this version of "Stockholm Syndrome." Fairly true to the original. https://soundcloud.com/jason-kefalas/stockholm-syndrome-muse-cover Also did this cover of "Exo-Politics" a few years ago.
  2. And now... *HUGE UPDATE!!!* ReverbNation’s top Detroit alternative band is an entrant in Hard Rock’s “2013 Hard Rock Rising” contest. Vote. Vote! VOTE!!! (By clicking below) Tell your friends! Please! And a sincere thank you! - Devin, Dylan, Jason, and Zach [http://www.facebook.com]
  3. Yeah, when it comes to compression - less is more. You can kill a good recording with over-processing. EQ tweaks like killing the 59-61Hz signal in the master and slightly scooping the 125-250Hz range with the vocal track (as well as the 3000Hz range in any delay) are a few things that work way better than compression.Save compression for levelling drums and bass. And yeah, good effort. Just practice more. :-)
  4. 2012 video release for "Insects" - from the 2007 LP "Welcome to the Corporation." And like us on Facebook, won't you?
  5. Not bad. Not bad at all. A little too electronic/looped for my taste, but that's my personal taste. Decent production, nice bass hooks, thoughtful sound use.
  6. Corporate Sellout - http://corporate-sellout.net Two LP's and earlier EP's all available for free download. "Travelled (Lament of the Good Soldier)" "Exo-Politics" (cover, of course)
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