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  1. Okay follow me with this... First you have to obtain the Key of Dreams from the Temple of Lost Souls. (You can use Google Maps if you don't know how to get there.) Then you must head to Diomede, Alaska. When the key glows red that means you are close to the sage. You must find him and he will guide you to the mountain. The key will glow green when you are near the entrance. Make sure to get out of the way when you open the door, because it falls backward when you unlock it. Then you must defeat the Lava Monster and answer the Troll's riddle. Once you do that, he'll jump on the Admin CP and delete ur account for you. :happy:

    That was very helpfull:D thanks......:LOL: now any who want's delete they're account can do now.:stongue::D

  2. Siiii estoy de acuerdo con RUD al menos para mi BLACK HOLES & REVELATIONS ha sido el mejor, aunque si este es muuuuy bueno lo he disfrutado todo desde la 1era hasta la ultima cancion aww Exogenesis 1,2,3. han sido maravillosas.

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