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  1. 3:56 Am.

    getting ready to work :(

  2. Life's hard but.God's will is always there for us.

    The darkness of night could be deep but is nessesary to make the stars brigths :)

  3. Hello sweetie how are you' ve been.hkoe everything is allright.

  4. What about you?

  5. Hey you Life's beeing good.

    to much work recently. But everything is fine :)


  6. :( Awww I'm very sick:vomit: :vomit:
  7. I love the life as it is,even though it is not as I've wish. :D

  8. Happy New Year everyones!!!!

  9. Awww so sad =(, hope she doing ok, but it is what it is..Boom shakalaka! luv it =D

  10. Hello Iceman your name caught me

  11. I don't wanna they keep away all the stuff about friends! what's happening! I'll understand about the Social groups but hey! Missing the old days!

  12. Whaaaaaaatsuup??? hehehehe I know it is! but hey were still alive! you have to tell me evrything about what are you've been doing! everything are you still at Queretaro? what happen with SHit? I mean DOmatika! say hi 4 me.

  13. suuuuuuup????

  14. I really LIKE IT!

    Life is wonderfuuuulll <3 =D

  15. Me either so I think that's fine but anyway thanks for say hi, and wish you the best :)

    see you around

  16. and that makes me a Fan of Harry Potter how so? :p

  17. I like the movies but just one is my favorite and it is The Notebook. what is your's?

  18. :rolleyes:well I'd have to say that I have all the movies and I've seen it but no I'm not a fan not at all. there's something wrong with harry Potter?

  19. well to be friends i think do you mind?

  20. Nop... I think

  21. your avatar is hypnotic

  22. -.^ Sometimes I get so weird, I even freak myself out

    sometimes I drive so fast just to feel the danger

    I wanna scream it makes me feel alive -.^

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