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  1. Got my code with 3 minutes to spare - managed to get 2 tickets to Birmingham with no problems - hope everyone else gets what they want and look forward to another great night
  2. Hi - I still have not got a code for today but did get one last time and bought tickets for London. I am going to see if old code works but if not looks like I will be in the scrum with everyone else at 1 0'clock!
  3. I agree with this - I have queued lots of times for hours to get barrier but this time felt the only way this was going to happen was to get a vip ticket - on other tours I have gone to more than one gig but this time can only afford to do one if I want to get on the barrier, I am not loaded and it upsets me that I am being accused of buying my way to the front. I would much rather have bought “normal” tickets and take my chances with everyone else at two gigs. Hope everyone enjoys themselves anyway !
  4. Got my tickets for London - have gone for Premium bundle, never done that before so hope it's worth it!!! it was the early access that swung it for me but still couldn't justify £319. Never mind I am sure it will be epic
  5. You have got me worried now, what row were you on? I was standing last night and it was fantastic - block 101 at Manchester next Saturday which looks to be in the same area you were
  6. Got two standing tickets for Birmingham much easier than the last presale, at least ticketmaster accepted my code this time!
  7. Me too!! - quite a stressful experience this morning and really wanted standing but got (I hope!) some quite good seats
  8. In the queue now 😃 don't think you need to rush!
  9. Me too - so excited for later though 😃
  10. Hope they do sort this - after numerous attempts last night where I got a message saying my order had not gone through on checking my emails this morning I find I have bought it 4 times!! and none of them have the download link! fingers crossed for a speedy resolution.
  11. MrsRaven

    Psycho UK Tour

    Just got tickets for Exeter!!
  12. Thank you so much for this link - was at work at 9am so wouldn't have been able to try but got two tickets just after you had posted this!! (in Manchester the day before so now have to work out travel but just couldn't resist!!)
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