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  1. Hi, I really love your t-shirt design and wanted to buy one but I live in Australia and postage is very expensive from the US. Do you know anywhere I could get one in Australia? Or the UK or the official Muse site maybe?

  2. Hey, i can't even remember the last time i got a message from anyone on here but nice to hear from someone! I've been on here on and off mainly on some other threads and other band threads. Just enjoyed Coldplay's Glastonbury's performance. You should check out one of their new songs called Moving To Mars, really impressive.

  3. That's ok, just thought you were the person i bought the tickets off

  4. Hey did you sell 2 Karnivool tix to the Roundhouse gig on ebay to a guy named Luke?

  5. Love Distorted Lullabies, just beautiful. Are their other albums as good?

  6. Hey Sippe i saw your recommendation of Ours on a thread the other day and think they sound amazing. I hadn't heard of them before then and i bought Distorted Lullabies on ebay so can't wait to hear it :)

  7. You won a ticket? You're so lucky

  8. Oh that's crap, sounds like a bit of a flop. Maybe they thought that was a good time to try some rarities with less people? I wouldn't be able to control myself if they played Sunburn, it's my favourite. And how could they not know PIB :facepalm:


    The 5th sounds like it was epic. Yeah Matt's brilliance is beyond belief, he's a true rockstar. Wish we got DLC, Biffy weren't very impressive. Saw DLC in September at the metro theatre in Sydney, was :awesome:

  9. Ok that's interesting, maybe they weren't comfortable with the massive setlist change.


    Sounds pretty cool, i was on the barrier directly in front of Matt. He's the most mesmerizing person to watch play music i think i'll ever see. He's by far my favourite musician out of any of my favourite bands, that kneeslide at the start of the Newborn guitar solo was SO epic right in front of me!. And i swear he smiled at me at the end after that bow. Ahh the memories :happy:

  10. Hello fellow aussie muser :) Haven't had a friend request in ages! You're so lucky you saw Muse on the 6th, so jealous of all the rarities :p Were you standing on the 10th?

  11. That's good. Yeah standing is the best, especially on the barrier. I know i've been sad about realising it's gonna be a few years before it all happens again. It's the result of getting emotionally attatched to them i guess

  12. So how was it and what are you expecting for tonight?

  13. Cool what'd you say to them? And are you sitting or standing tonight? Have an awesome time anyway.

  14. Yep just checked it and you're still the only comment, but the comp is over now i guess.

  15. It's not the ticket that's the problem though, it's just too far and too expensive. I appreciate yr help though :happy:

  16. Yeah i know, yr making me feel worse :p Anyway i only just noticed that you're uprising bliss on youtube and the only cool person to comment on my video :LOL:

  17. Sorry, don't think it's happening :( Will have to meet you when they tour next time, i'll definately have more than 1 show lined up then :)

  18. There's a few on gumtree i could get. Just organising transport from Orange which is a very long way. Might drive, might catch a train if i can get a discount.

  19. Fuck really? There's still a few possibilities, i'll get back to you.

  20. Na haven't got one. Prob wouldn't get there til 4 at the earliest, maybe 5ish. I wanna go but i think it's just too hard

  21. Did you get rid of yr ticket? Would you be able to meet me there if i wanted it?

  22. How early you getting there on wed? I'm thinking if i get a standing ticket i'll get there too late :(

  23. And there's a few going around on ebay for the 14th if you still need one for then :)

  24. I'm just waiting for an item to end on ebay but will let you know if i wanna buy yr ticket tonight.

  25. Hey, i saw yr tickets on musebay and am interested in buying 1 if you still have them. Do you have the section number?

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