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  1. Hey mate. I may be standing but not sure yet. I have a seated ticket but may possibly get rid of if you know anyone who wants one. I'm pretty keen for GA cos have a feeling this gig may get some insane rarities

  2. Hey I might be buying 2 GA for second night if I can, if I do are you interested in a seated ticket for second night? I'l sell it to you a bit cheaper, and I'd rather a proper fan on the board go than some random on ebay. It's section 37, it's a pretty good spot really. Map here http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2x-Muse-Tickets-Melbourne-Saturday-7th-December-/261341885369?pt=AU_Tickets&hash=item3cd930b3b9&_uhb=1

  3. No, couldn't get GA for Melb, would've liked to for the second night though. I'm standing for Sydney though, breaking the budget :p

  4. Hey, I'm going to both Melb gigs, you?

  5. Hey, you going to either of the Melbourne shows?

  6. Cheers cuzzy braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  7. It''ll be last gig of the tour, what you think we'll get?

  8. Hey you're going to Sydney gig too right?

  9. Hey you GA for Sydney??

  10. Hey mate, do you still have your seated ticket available for second Melbourne show?

  11. Last time me, my sister and mate got their at about 11, or maybe midday. So get there as early as you can really if you want front spot, and bring plenty of food for the entire day, it's a long wait but so worth it. Also Muse don't seem to be as big here any more so you could even get their later but it's hard to know

  12. Yeah I got one for Syd. Are you going to do multiple nights?

  13. Hey, did you get a ticket? I got one to Sydney and am hoping for 2nd night announcements. I really want a two-nighter, but if not I'll try and get a ticket to Melbourne.

  14. I downloaded the full pack at once. The songs only appear when I access them through tutorials though?

  15. Hey I got my guitar working, your songs are really great. For some reason I can't seem to play through them as a career though, I can choose them one by one but that's it. I've got the titles.ini in the folder and everything. Also I'm using FoFX

  16. Hey, I saw your Frets On Fire Muse on the FoF forums, are you able to use a GH5 guitar on it at all? If so do you have a script?

  17. If they play 2 gigs at 1 venue, go to 2. Because you'll get all the rotations on the 2nd night that you don't get from the 1st. I learnt that from last time, but especially seeing as they're consistently rotating the same songs now. I know most people think this is better, but they still need more rotations/variety if you ask me. The few songs I really want to see live are Sunburn (likely at the moment) CE (unlikely), Dead Star (you never know I guess :p) and probably something like SFA (insanely unlikely) for the sing along. Of course there's many others, but I'm trying to be realistic. They desperately need to drop UD or at least rotate it for another TR song (or anything good), it's their worst live song in my opinion. Also there's talk of Fury returning for the stadiums? Could be great if they bring it back out for us as well? Also us Aussie Musers need to meet before the gigs :)

  18. Yeah definitely. Muse could learn from Radiohead's stage set up, as it's much more simple and effective. Don't get me wrong, Muse have an amazing stage now, but I can't help but think they're almost relying too much on it and not enough on them just playing. To be perfectly honest, I'd pay more than what they're charging for tickets now to just see them on a simple stage with nothing else added (even though tix would obviously be cheaper). I can see what you mean about CE and Sunburn, I would kill to see both of those songs live, I got Bliss and Butterflies & Hurricanes at my gig though which was still great. So Muse should be coming back here at the end of next year (November/December) and I'll try to get to at least 2 gigs in Syd and mayb 1 or 2 in Melb, will see what happens. I still regret not going to more than 1 show last time :p

  19. Forgot to mention I had binoculars with me which made things much better, even though I could still see ok. Yeah I also wished I was there again the day after, was quite sad that day. It's tough to compare such different acts, when I saw Muse I was standing on the barrier in front of Matt so I was blown away the entire time. Radiohead are the kind of band where sitting down is better in my opinion because they're not really a jump around kind of band (excluding their older material). I really think Radiohead's setlist is much better balanced than Muse in terms of songs played from each album and if I had to compare both bands live at the current stages of their careers, i'd say Radiohead are slightly better. Muse just have too many good songs they aren't playing live (CE, DS, Showbiz, SFA, Assassin, my list could go on and on). Muse were definitely in their live prime during the Absolution era and no band have been that good live as Muse were during that time in my opinion. The thing about Radiohead is that they've been the same five guys playing together for a very long time (longer than Muse obviously) and they have such a wide range of material and fans now, I just respect them immensely after finally seeing them live. How about you?

  20. It was pretty close to the back, slightly to the left, but I didn't mind because I could fully appreciate the stage set up from back there. Also was my first time at Rod Laver, the layout is good enough to see well from anywhere. How about you? My favourites were probably Climbing Up The Walls (outro was supreme) and Paranoid Android, although I like all of their songs. The only disappointment was that the crowd didn't sing much at my gig (not even in Karma Police).

  21. Hey did you see Radiohead in Melbourne? I was there on the 16th, 4 songs from OK Computer, my mind was blown :)

  22. Happy birthday!! One day after mine ha ha. Also cool user name.

  23. Happy Birthday Clunge, you're awesome \m/

  24. Hey Ashleigh, expect an announcement from Muse soon! Should be this week hopefully

  25. Hey, I saw your comment on the Reading broadcast thread about watching it on iplayer? Is that just a download and if so do you have a link?

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