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  1. Hey, Muse is not very popular here in India, since the record label hasnt promoted the band well enough. But there a few serious fans that I know, they exist in the big cities like Mumbai, Delhi etc. I'm sure that if they're marketed properly here, their fan base can increase exponentially, since the songs (from Resistance especially) have a melodic, western classical feel, and Indian music is traditionally very classical based. The rock scene in India is growing day by day, and proof of that is the large number of bands touring India. Iron Maiden came thrice (I went once ), Porcupine Tree is coming later this month, Bryan Adams has come like 5 times, even Roger Waters n Rolling Stones have been here. MUSE is eagerly awaited! What about Indonesia? Muse is big there?
  2. Hey, this is Ashish from Mumbai. Got hooked on to Muse after a chance encounter with The Resistance... Downloaded a few songs, loved them so going to buy the CD soon Whats your story?
  3. All ye Indian Musers aggregate here! Introduce yourselves first
  4. hello! greetings form mumbai, india :)

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